Roy Moore accuser congratulates “Senator-Elect Doug Jones,” says she is willing to take polygraph.

Deborah Wesson Gibson congratulated Senator-Elect Doug Jones, following his projected victory in Alabama on Tuesday evening.

“Kudos, Senator-Elect Doug Jones!” Gibson wrote in a Facebook post. “From the many people I know who personally know Jones, you can count on it. He is a fine man and he will do a very good job; he is interested in representing all Alabamians.”

In a comment, she was asked by one of her friends named Gary Moon if she was sticking by her story.

“Do you continue to prove that what you have been saying is truthful?” Moon asked.

“Since you and I have been friends for decades, I’m very glad that you believe in me until I give you a reason not to,” Gibson responded. “I have never given you a reason not to. The photograph of me in my memory book taken six days before Roy and I started dating was made in Ernesta Conner’s living room and that is noted in the book so you can Google that photograph and see for yourself. I’m sure you will recognize her curtains and furnishings, and there is a note about the picture saying that it is at Earnesta’s house.”

Gibson expressed that she is willing to submit to a polygraph to verify her claims.

I remain willing to take a polygraph test and to speak under penalty of perjury to any senate ethics judiciary committee meeting as I have said all along. Any proof anyone would like is available for the asking from me. I know this has been hard on many in Etowah County, because I was friends with Roy for 36 years and we have hundreds of mutual friends. I ask you what motivation you think that any of us women had? We don’t work for political organizations, we didn’t receive a penny. I have financial resources and never sought a penny from Roy or any other source. Do you think it’s fun to have your privacy breached and get hate mail and threats all the time? It is not fun. It is a sacrifice made when you know it is the right thing to do.”

She continued, expressing the courage that the women portrayed by accusing Moore, along with her sanctification with the results.

“Leigh Corfman who had the courage to tell the story of when she was a 14-year-old girl ‘dating’ Roy. Tonight begins her true healing.”

“Any time a race is very close, the votes are recounted and the outcome is certified. It is just standard operating procedure, and Jones will come out the winner. We joined together and asked a nation to hear the story of a 14-year-old girl, and Alabama answered saying, “Yes, she is our daughter and we hear her; we choose decency and morals over political gain.” So proud of my home state tonight.”

Gibson formerly worked for the Clinton and Obama campaign and endorsed Doug Jones, prior to her accusations. These factors raised strong questions about her credibility.

Deborah Wesson Gibson accused Moore of dating her when she was just 17, and he was approximately 32.

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