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Criminal Injustice System

The Kate Steinle Verdict, a Complete Travesty of Justice

George Lujack



Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was found not guilty of killing Kate Steinle on Pier 14 in San Francisco in July 2015. Once again, the American criminal justice system has failed. Zarate, a convicted felon illegal immigrant who was 5-times deported from the United States, sparked national outrage and became a focal point of the nation’s illegal immigration and sanctuary city policy after he was arrested for the murder of Kate Steinle.

Zarate was found NOT GUILTY by a California jury of:

1st Degree Murder
2nd Degree Murder
Involuntary Manslaughter
Assault with a Semi-automatic Weapon

Zarate was found GUILTY by a California jury of:

Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon

California’s Involuntary Manslaughter Law Penal Code 192 (b) PC

Involuntary manslaughter in California occurs when one person kills another unintentionally, either

1. while committing a crime that is not an inherently dangerous California felony, OR
2. while committing a lawful act which might produce death, without due caution

Zarate’s defense maintained that he was in possession of a semi-automatic gun that he allegedly “found” and he “accidentally shot” the gun, resulting in a bullet that ricocheted and fatally struck Kate Steinle.

Here is the problem with the defense’s argument. Guns do not accidentally discharge. One must pull the trigger. Guns cannot fire unless due force is applied to the trigger. Guns can be throw to the ground and thrown against a concrete wall and they will not accidentally discharge.

Zarate was found guilty of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, a crime, and he unintentionally killed someone – which should have convicted him of provision one of involuntary manslaughter, OR if there was some doubt about the crime the jury convicted him of, in the jurors mind, and Zarate was some poor fellow who just happened to find this gun, picked it up and discharged it, he would still be guilty of involuntary manslaughter provision 2, not using due caution while committing a lawful act of finding a semi-automatic gun, with intentions of returning the gun to the proper authorities.

Prosecutors often assume that jurors are ignorant or liberal-minded, which they often are, and make the mistake of overcharging a suspect with the belief that some higher charge will stick. Zarate’s defense attorney argued that Zarate was a hapless homeless man who killed Steinle in a freak accident. Zarate did not deny shooting Steinle and said it was an accident. Prosecutors said he meant to shoot and kill Kate Steinle. When prosecutors make such claims, they cannot help but look overzealous and disingenuous to jurors. Zarate should have been convicted of involuntary manslaughter and he should never have been charged with first of second degree murder.

Speculation immediately rose that the jury’s decision was politically motivated, a reaction to President Trump’s strong stance against illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, deportation of illegal immigrants, and his plans to build a security wall along the Mexican border to keep out illegal immigrants.

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate may not be off the hook for murdering Kate Steinle just yet. The Department of Justice has issued an arrest warrant for Zarate and will bring federal charges against him for felony re-entry and a charge pertaining to a violation of supervised release.

George Lujack serves as the Managing Editor for Cowger Nation. Lujack is an independent Messianic Minister, an opinionated conservative political and religious writer, and a retired NY City police officer.

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1 Comment

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Criminal Injustice System

FREE KIM DAVIS: Kentucky County Clerk Jailed by a Gaystapo Judge for Refusing to Sanction and Sign Same-Sex (Gay) Marriage Licenses

George Lujack




September 03, 2015, Ashland, KY.
Kim Davis, duly elected democrat clerk of Rowan county, KY, was jailed for contempt of court by a federal judge for refusing to process, sanction and sign her name to same-sex (gay) marriage licenses. U.S. District Court Judge David L. Bunning had ordered Kim Davis to issue the gay marriage licenses. Kim Davis refused the judges order and on September 03, 2015, she was ordered jailed and held without bail for contempt of court.


Judge Bunning is the same homosexual advocate judge who in 2003 and in 2006 ordered Boyd County education officials to implement programs that mandated school staff and students to undergo diversity education classes, i.e. a gay propaganda curriculum. Many of the students objected to being forced to watch a gay propaganda film that denounced Christian views that opposed homosexuality as wrong while promoting homosexuality as a healthy, stable and viable lifestyle that cannot be changed or challenged. Judge Bunning’s decision to impose a gay propaganda curriculum was overturned in October 2007 by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The arrest and detainment of Kim Davis poses many judicial and legal questions. For starters, is her arrest justified and warranted? Federal judges have increasingly been acting like America’s kings, imposing their will inside and outside of their courtroom. If one, in good conscious, cannot or will not obey a federal judge’s order, these judges can send U.S. Marshals to arrest U.S. citizens and hold them in contempt, without bail, for years! The 8th and 9th Amendments in the Bill of Rights address federal judicial tyranny, yet today many federal judges are routinely arresting, detaining and jailing people, without charging them with a crime or giving them a speedy trial, in clear violation of their Constitutional rights.

Federal judges have assumed the role of lawmakers, though they have been granted no Constitutional authority to act as such. The U.S. Supreme Court’s June 26, 2015 decision ruled that gay marriages are lawful, but did not declare any gay marriage law. After the opinionated ruling was made, homosexual activists sought to test the opposition of people who would deny them their newfound “Constitutional” right to gay marriage.

The U.S. Supreme Court in 1920 ruled that prohibition of alcohol was the law of the land. If WE THE PEOPLE just obeyed the “lawful” order of the U.S. Supreme Court in 1920, then we couldn’t have wine with our dinner or drink beer while watching our football games.

WE THE PEOPLE make the laws of the land, not unelected judges.
WE THE PEOPLE have a duty and an obligation to defy, disobey, disregard and rebel against unjust laws.

Assuming God exists, and assuming God has made Himself known through the Holy Scriptures, then this God condemns the act of homosexuality as an abomination. No earthly judge or law of man can overrule God. Any law of man that compels men to violate a lawful order of God is an unjust law that should rightly be disobeyed.

Nazis were just following orders when they gassed the Jews. Kim Davis is rightly and courageously not “just following orders,” nor should she “just do her job,” as many have called for her to do, or step down from her position as clerk. Christians should not be given the choice to either violate their faith or quit their jobs. Christians have a right to employment, yes even government employment, without some judge telling them that they must leave their faith at home when they come to work. Some say Kim Davis is imposing her Christian religion on homosexuals by refusing to license their marriages. The truth is that gay marriage advocates are imposing their religion on Kim Davis, by trying to force her to violate her faith by condoning their secular homosexual-permitting lifestyle and beliefs.

Kim Davis has worked for 27-years as a county clerk and suddenly she has a new job duty to sign her name to gay marriage licenses? Davis’ own marriage record is irrelevant. While she has not lived perfectly without sexual sin, that doesn’t mean she must knowingly condone all sexual sin going forward. There are plenty of clerks willing to sign gay marriage licenses. No activist judge should be allowed to compel any person to sign any license that violates that person’s faith, nor should any judge be permitted to imprison citizens that actively disagree with their cultural-religious opinionated rulings.


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Criminal Injustice System

FREE PAUL HANSEN: Sentenced to 18-Months Prison and 3-Years Probation (for Mailing a Letter)!

George Lujack




August 21, 2015, Pensacola, Florida.
Paul J. Hansen, after a 2 1/2 hour sentencing hearing, was sentenced by the United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida to an 18-month prison term and 3-years probation.

On October 23, 2014, Hansen was arrested, SWAT team style, and held in federal custody without bail. On March 12, 2015 he was found guilty of 2-counts of criminal contempt. The primary charges of mail fraud and conspiracy to commit mail fraud that Hansen faced were dismissed. Hansen was therefore convicted of 2-counts of criminal contempt without an underlying conviction showing that he was in contempt of anything.

Being found to be guilty of criminal contempt alone, without an underlying justification charge, is like a man being found not guilty of murdering his wife, but convicted for contempt against his wife due to a verbal domestic dispute that they may have had leading up to his wife’s death.

On August 21, 2015, on the day of his sentencing – 10-months after his initial arrest, Hansen faced a prosecution team that requested to imprison him for 6-years and 3-months.

Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers, after her courtroom recently came under much public scrutiny during the Kent Hovind trial, once again presided over the fate of an innocent man who didn’t commit a crime, and if he did, it was the ‘crime’ of mailing a legal notice.

The prosecution’s request for a lengthy imprisonment to a man for simply mailing a legal notice may have been prosecutorial grandstanding. Judge Rodgers was able to give the appearance of being lenient when she sentenced Hansen to 18-months prison and 3-years probation, denying the prosecution’s request of 6-years and 3-months. Hansen, after having already served 10-months in prison at the time of his sentencing, will need to serve another 8-months, but with good behavior he should be released in about 6-months.

Kent Hovind appeared as a character witness for Paul Hansen at his sentencing hearing and noted the following quote that he heard the presiding judge say…

“There’s nothing more threatening to society than someone claiming laws don’t apply to them.”
-Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers

Kent Hovind retorted…

That’s a good quote. Does the same thing apply to the federal courts?
-Kent Hovind

Paul Hansen never said laws do not apply to him. He did question the federal court’s jurisdictional authority in his many dealings and issues with them.

Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers is a merciless, perverse, twisted judge that sentences people to 10-years prison, for the most minor of offenses – if that, as casually as one orders a cup of coffee. She entertains cases that should be thrown out of court. Her sham courtroom trials are the very definition of a ‘kangaroo court.’ She has demonstrated an obvious anti-Christian bias and, as a pretense, she has to strain herself to put on the appearance of being a fair impartial judge, but only when she knows she is being observed.

Paul Hansen should never have been arrested, jailed, held without bail, indicted, brought before a trial and sentenced to prison. He was falsely charged with ‘mail fraud,’ along with Kent Hovind, as there was no fraud involved in any of the mailings he sent. He was convicted for mailing a legal notice that was not even legally filed with any court. There were no victim(s). There is no ‘justice’ justification to keep Paul Hansen imprisoned.

18-months and 3-years probation for mailing a signed and notarized legal notice?

An 18-month prison sentence, instead of time served, for 2-counts of criminal contempt, (for mailing a signed, notarized, legal notice), is a further injustice to Paul Hansen. Considering the prosecution’s request for a 75-month prison term and Judge Rodgers’ penchant for issuing lengthy prison sentences, 18-months should be viewed as a partial victory for Hansen. Yet it is still a great injustice.

FREE PAUL HANSEN: Sentenced to 18-Months Prison and 3-Years Probation (for mailing a letter)!

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Criminal Injustice System

FREE PAUL HANSEN: A Good Samaritan Jailed for Mailing a Letter

George Lujack




October 23, 2014. Heavily armed federal agents descended upon Omaha, Nebraska and seize a man at gunpoint that they allege has been a thorn to them and has been eluding them for months. The suspect was apprehended without incident and he has since been held in various maximum security locations before being transferred to a detention center in Pensacola, Florida on December 15, 2014.

Bail was denied the defendant, by the presiding federal judge, as he was deemed to have been “uncooperative” with the federal authorities. The defendant was tried in federal court on March 02, 2015 and on March 12, 2015 was found guilty on some of the lesser charges that the government brought against him. The judge, after several sentencing date postponements spanning more than 5-months, is finally prepared to render her ruling on the next scheduled sentencing date of August 21, 2015 at 2:00 PM.

When the defendant faces the judge at sentencing, he will have already spent 10-months in prison. According to the prosecution’s Pre Sentence Investigation Report (PSIR), the federal prosecution team is suggesting that the judge sentence the defendant to a prison term of 6-years and 3-months.

By now one must be wondering who is this defendant and what was his crime? What actions did the defendant do that necessitated that he should be denied bail and transferred around, in maximum security holding facilities, before being brought before a judge and officially indicted. Why does the government seek to imprison him for more than 6-years? Is this man a domestic terrorist, a sexual offender, someone who got away with murder, or is he some grave threat to the U.S. government?

No. The defendant was not accused of any of those serious heinous aforementioned crimes. Paul Hansen is the defendant’s name and his alleged crime was mailing a letter. The letter in question did not contain anthrax or any other biological-chemical agents, fraudulent documents, or a written statement of threats against anyone. The mailed letter at the heart of the ‘crime’ was a legal notice.

A jury found Paul Hansen:
NOT GUILTY and acquitted him on one count of mail fraud,
UNABLE TO AGREE on a second count of mail fraud,
UNABLE TO AGREE on two counts of conspiracy to commit mail fraud,
GUILTY on two counts of criminal contempt.

Hansen was found to be guilty of criminal contempt for violation of a court order – for mailing a letter containing a legal notice.

A little background information on Paul Hansen, the defendant…
Paul is a self-employed real estate manager and a devout Christian. Among Paul’s passionate pursuits is the study of law: civil, criminal, and Constitutional and the study of Scripture. Paul has battled the IRS in court numerous times, over jurisdictional issues and other matters related to his work as a real estate manager, which caused him to become a freelance legal expert of sorts with a track record of beating the IRS in court.

Paul is a man who studies Scripture and is driven to understand the truths contained within it. It is this hunger for spiritual knowledge that brought him into contact with Kent Hovind. Kent Hovind is the founder of Creation Science Evangelism (CSE) Ministries and is arguably the greatest man to refute Darwinian evolution that has ever lived. Hansen once attended a seminar that Kent Hovind spoke at near his home town, but didn’t personally meet him. Hansen was fascinated by Hovind’s understanding of God’s Genesis account of creation and he purchased Hovind’s CSE seminar videos and watched them over and over.

The story begins in 2006. Kent Hovind was targeted, arrested, and imprisoned for intentionally misapplied IRS code structuring laws and employee tax withholding requirements. Furthermore, the federal government fined Kent Hovind $430,000, which he did not have, and then unlawfully seized 9-parcels of land from CSE Ministries in exchange for Kent Hovind’s monetary judgement. Hansen, when he became aware of the Hovind case, recognized the misapplication of law and injustice done to Kent Hovind and CSE Ministries. Hansen reached out as a good Samaritan to Kent Hovind and CSE Ministries offering legal assistance and expertise in their battle against the federal government and the IRS.

Hansen was put into contact with Glen Stoll, a trustee of CSE Ministries. Stoll, impressed with Hansen’s legal knowledge and expertise in real estate trusts and IRS matters, soon afterward made Paul Hansen a fellow trustee of CSE Ministries. Hansen acted as an unpaid volunteer in his work as trustee for CSE and has never been paid anything, to this date, for any service that he rendered on behalf of CSE Ministries.

Once the federal government became aware of the fact that Paul Hansen was acting as a trustee for CSE Ministries, by volunteering his services for them, they began to closely monitor him. Hansen received a notice from U.S. DOJ Attorney Pamela C Marsh that stated he could be held in CIVIL contempt for continuing to object to the federal government’s seizure of CSE Ministries’ property.

Hansen afterward mailed legal notices of lis pendens, or litigation pending, to an attorney and to the municipal court in charge of selling CSE Ministries’ seized property. The lis pendens served as a warning notice, or buyer beware, to any potential buyer of CSE Ministries’ seized property that the government was selling. A lis pending (litigation pending) notice is not a lien. The lis pendens notice stated, in sum and substance, that the ownership status of said property was in dispute as there is litigation pending concerning it.

Paul Hansen made the fateful decision to continue to fight the federal government and IRS against their unlawful actions and the injustice that he perceived they did to Kent Hovind and CSE Ministries. Hansen thought that the worst that could be done to him was that he would be held in civil contempt and be ordered to pay a monetary fine. But that is not what happened.

The federal government sent a subpoena to Paul Hansen notifying him to travel across state lines from Nebraska to Pensacola, Florida to testify before a grand jury, provide handwriting samples, and fingerprints of himself. Hansen notified the court that he would not be making the trip, questioning their jurisdiction in the matter and their jurisdictional authority to compel him to travel across state lines. Hansen also informed the court that he was willing to be fingerprinted in a federal court in Nebraska and that they could send the fingerprints to the federal court of Pensacola, Florida. The federal government didn’t respond to Hansen’s offer.

Federal agents soon thereafter swooned in on Hansen’s home and arrested him, SWAT team style, and held him for over 7-weeks without bail – transferring him around to numerous maximum security facilities before bringing him before the Northern District of FL Federal Courthouse in Pensacola, FL. The federal court charged him with mail fraud (even though Hansen never mailed anything fraudulent), conspiracy to commit mail fraud (because if you tell anyone you are going to mail a letter, 2-or-more people make a conspiracy!), and CRIMINAL (not civil) contempt of court.

It was here that Paul Hansen met his partner-in-crime, pun intended, Kent Hovind. Hansen and Hovind were cell mates for 3-months and were co-defendants in what has to be considered the sham trial of the century. Hansen and Hovind became close friends during their 3-months of incarceration together. Kent Hovind has publicly stated that he implicitly trusts Paul Hansen as a fellow Christian, in all matters, and that Paul Hansen is a man of honor, impeccable integrity, and is a righteous man of God.

There were many believers praying for the release of Kent Hovind, this writer included, and on July 08, 2015 Hovind was released from federal prison and ordered to home confinement. Paul Hansen, who is not as well known as world renowned minister Kent Hovind, remains incarcerated in federal custody in Santa Rosa County Jail. Hansen will have already served 10-months in prison at the time of his next scheduled sentencing date of August 21st, 2015.

The following reasons are why Paul Hansen should be immediately released, for time served, at his scheduled sentencing date of August 21, 2015…

1. The prosecutions request that Hansen should serve a sentence of 6-years and 3-months for mailing a letter is extremely excessive. Even if one believes Hansen is guilty of criminal contempt, as found by a jury, 6-years and 3-months is cruel and harsh.

2. The letters of lis pendens (litigation pending) sent by Paul Hansen, as it turned out, did not in any way impede the government’s sale of the 9-parcels of land that they seized from CSE Ministries.

3. The federal court has trampled the Constitution in it’s zeal to prosecute Paul Hansen, and before him with their prosecution and 9-year imprisonment of Kent Hovind.
* Hansen was subpoenaed to court to testify (against himself), provide handwriting samples, and fingerprints for a case that the government was attempting to make against him in violation of his 5th Amendment right against self incrimination (no person shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself). In retrospect, it may have been wiser for Hansen to have answered the federal subpoena that he was served with and plead the 5th, but he questioned the federal court’s authority and jurisdiction to summon him to travel across state lines, testify against himself, provide handwriting samples, and be fingerprinted.
* Hansen was held without bail (for being uncooperative) in violation of his 8th Amendment right that prohibits excessive bail (or in this case no bail for a non-violent, non-threat to society person).
* Hansen’s was impeded by the federal government, who held him for over 7-weeks before indicting him, in violation of his 5th Amendment right to due process.
* Hansen did not receive a fair or speedy trial, nor a speedy sentencing after his conviction, in violation of his 6th Amendment right to a fair and speedy trial.
* The prosecution is advising the judge that Hansen should receive a sentence of 6-years and 3-months, for mailing a legal notice, in violation of his 8th Amendment right that prohibits cruel and unusual punishment.

4. Paul Hansen is not a bar-certified licensed attorney, but is a self-taught student of civil and criminal law. While it may not be common for a non-licensed attorney to practice law, or file notices with courts, it is not a criminal act to do so. America’s Founding Fathers were often non-licensed attorneys, yet they practiced law in the courtrooms of our nation. Today, when charged with a criminal offense, defendants have the right to refuse council and represent themselves in court in most jurisdictions.

5. Paul Hansen acted as a good Samaritan in offering his legal assistance on behalf of Kent Hovind and CSE Ministries. He should be commended for his efforts, not sentenced to prison for them. The spirit of the Good Samaritan Law should apply to Paul Hansen who, acting as an unpaid trustee for CSE Ministries, volunteered his time and legal expertise for their behalf. Under advisement of an licensed attorney, Hansen mailed a legal notice. That was his crime.

If after reading this article you feel compelled and moved to take a stand against the injustice of the Paul Hansen case, here is what you can do:

You will be joining others in prayer who are already praying for the immediate release of Paul Hansen, or at minimum the release of him shortly after his next scheduled sentencing hearing on August 21, 2015, for time served. Yeshua (Jesus) has promised that when 2 or more people come together in agreement concerning anything in His name, His Father in heaven will do what we ask of Him (Matthew 18:19-20). We therefore pray and ask that God, in Yeshua’s (Jesus’) name, intercedes upon this unjust federal court (through shame or guilt) to be satisfied by time already served, or otherwise takes action against this unjust federal court on behalf of Paul Hansen and we pray for his immediate release from prison for this unjust prosecution.

The power of collective prayer is greater than any earthly force. It was through the power of prayer that was able to move mountains, (a metaphor for huge obstacles – Matthew 17:20), that Kent Hovind was recently able to overcome the U.S. federal government that sought to incarcerate him for life.

One thing that corrupt evil courts, prosecutors, and judges do not like is to have the light of truth shined upon them and their deeds (John 3:20). Share this article with everyone you can and send it out to lawyers and elected officials.

Tell judge Rodgers that you are outraged at the gross injustice in the Paul Hansen case and the prosecution’s proposed sentencing of 6-years and 3-months for a man who simply mailed a legal notice. Tell judge Rodgers that the only words you want to hear coming out of her mouth on August 21, 2015 are, “Time served.”

Judge Rodgers’ courthouse office phone can be reached at 850-435-8448
or you can write to her at:
Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers
Arnow Federal Building
100 North Palafox Street
Pensacola, Florida 32502-4839

11825922_998888206810599_2087332662619947088_n4. SHOW UP AT THE COURTHOUSE
Come to Pensacola, Florida to the aforementioned courthouse for the Paul Hansen sentencing on August 21, 2015 at 2:00 PM. Join others and take a stand in solidarity against this unjust federal court, show your support for Paul Hansen, and let Judge Rodgers feel the stare of We The People watching her.

Visit and search Lonestar1776 Paul Hansen.
Visit and join the group Free Paul Hansen.

FREE PAUL HANSEN: A Good Samaritan Jailed for Mailing a Letter!

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