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The collapse is underway…and it is awesome.  Liberalism is imploding everywhere.

But it is not without cost— liberalism has destroyed so many institutions that were ‘net positives’ for America—and now they’re just hollowed-out carcasses of their former ‘family-friendly’ selves: Hollywood, the broadcast media, NFL and so on.

It’s because liberalism always takes the low road, the easy road, the free stuff road– the road without morals or responsibility… and your Professional Liberals place political agenda above everything else. Everything. Truth isn’t even on the list.

Even now.. as they pretend to to take responsibility for the tsunami of liberal perverts being exposed—they’re not.  Their motives are never pure–and certainly not honest…which is why they will continue to fail.

For the last few months, even the Networks are cheating the Nielsons to hide their true disastrous drop in viewers. LOL..   According to the Wall Street Journal— they intentionally misspell shows to ‘fool the Nielson’s automated system’ into ignoring broadcasts on nights with few viewers; for example “NBC Nitely News”

Pause here to giggle.

Trump did not make them hateful—they’ve always been hateful.  And their arrogant hostility toward those of us who live in reality — is at psychotic levels.

They’re a cult.  They are not well…and their icons are falling like dominos.

They’ve grown accustom to receiving orders… but there is now confusion brewing.  They’re breaking into factions… the blindfolded Clinton Loyalist faction, and flaming Bernie Sanders Socialists…and the Window lickers— who will follow anyone.

The’ve been too busy trying to take out Trump to notice their own boat was sinking.

Anybody else want popcorn?

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  1. David H.

    November 25, 2017 11:15 am at 11:15 am

    Well, all I can say is there are a lot of deplorables in this country. Just Look at the NFL. Attendance at events is way down, TV ratings are way down. What does this mean? Jobs are at stake. Espn just fired a whole bunch of analysts. The Stadiums, I am sure, are laying off staff that are not needed due to small crowds. Pretty soon you will see teams having financial difficulties. Players not making as much to play, Ticket prices down in order sell more seats, and then teams declaring bankruptcy.

    This of course is also reflected in the Hollywood movie industry, which is barely reported on. Theater ticket sales are way down, and big budget pictures are not being made as often. Pretty soon actors are going to be losing money as they try to sell their mansions (Johnny Depp), and are going to find themselves actually working for a living.

    Some sit there and blame technology for the downturn in newspapers as well, but even the big media giants on technology are falling by the wayside. That is because the deplorables are not complying to their mind control, and fake news. Instead, they are seeking out alternative media sites. Yes, there are a lot of bad ones out there, but there are also some really good ones as well. Ones that JUST give us the facts without the bias and spin, and or ones that honestly express that they are opinion journalists with a slant, and then we take it from there. Us Deplorables are dangerous to the NWO, and that is why they will use any means they can to attack us, including lies, and character assassination. Just Like Roy Moore.

    Keep up the good work deplorables of this great country. You are the True citizens that made this country great, and will make this country “Great again”. The sleeping masses are finally beginning to wake up. Let’s finish draining the swamp in 2018. 2020 and on till there are no more swamp creatures in DC. You have strength in numbers now, use it to purge the filth, and restore and reform this country back to its founding characteristics.

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