Sessions: Should He Stay Or Should He Go?


I like Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions and I believe he recused himself for noble reasons… but Sessions finds himself painted into a legal corner of his own doing… and it’s hurting the country.

The cancerous Russian Hysteria has only grown since his departure….and has now consumed a large portion HIS Department of Justice.  Jeff Sessions AKA the Attorney General is the boss of the DOJ.

During his short tenure, Sessions has performed admirably on multiple fronts (illegals, gang-bangers, etc) – but the poisonous elephant in the room is and has been “the Russian fairy tale” a case where Sessions is not allowed to comment or advise.

And fairly judged or not— Jeff’s been noticeably AWOL on the Swamp and the Clintons. These were among the BIGGEST miscarriages of justice on which the American people demanded immediate action.

But the opposite is happening… it is the President’s family members (Don Jr. & Ivanka’s husband) that are being harassed & subpoenaed by anti-Trump operatives within Sessions’ DOJ.

I don’t blame Trump– if my family was being unfairly targeted by Jeff Sessions’ DOJ—I’d be upset too.

Where are the dozens of Obama Administration officials that pled the 5th?  Where are  the subpoenas for Lois Lerner?  Wasserman-Shultz? Hillary Clinton? Susan Rice?  Donna Brazile, the list is long.

Which brings us to Mueller (who was a classmate of John Kerry at private school)– this political hack is out of control—assembling a ‘hit squad’ of lawyers known as democrat party heavies.

Bottom line –  is that it is reasonable to say Attorney General Sessions is not in control of the DOJ of which he heads.

I don’t even know if it’s possible–I kind of doubt that it is—but I’d like to see him ‘UN-Recuse’ himself.

IF NOT— he’s gotta go.

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1 Comment

  1. chris

    August 12, 2017 4:39 am at 4:39 am

    You are totally wrong on this. I agree he shouldn’t have recused himself, but apparently you have no clue what the AG’s job entails and what Sessions is and has been doing. Ask yourself. despite the Democrats, corrupt media and RINO Est assaulting him and blocking his agenda every single day – what has been one of Trump’s biggest accomplishment (with absolutely No help from the pathetic. Phony Majority GOP), his biggest win so far? IMMIGRATION! Without getting a penny for our wall, millions less illegal aliens are invading our country. What are the consequences we are already seeing? Unemployment has gone down in labor intense jobs because American Citizens are getting hired. Even the corrupt fakenews media had to report that Food Stamp usage is way down – what they don’t mention, is that it’s down because of 1-3 million less illegal aliens are collecting them. Next, do you know who crafted Trump’s current immigration policy/plan? Jeff Sessions – Before the election he went into detail on it.
    Finally, haven’t you noticed all of the idiot Democrat Mayors opposing Trump’s policies? Whether it be immigration, cutting of welfare to illegals, Sanctuary Cities, deporting illegal aliens including, criminals who are so called Obama dreamers? Who the hell do you think is all over the country fighting these leftist idiots in court? Who the hell do you think had to fight the outrageous lawless judges who unconstitutionally struck down Trump’s travel ban? And who had to put it before the Supreme Court? SESSIONS! Who do you think was formally responsible for the legal arguments Trump used to get out of Obama’s Paris Climate Hoax deal? SESSIONS. I agree that the Russia crap is Democrat treason – but there’s lots of blame to go around 1) the Traitor GOP Majority, for without them, all of this crap would have died. You can’t have 6 Senate committees and 7 house committees investigating nonsense without the majority’s ok 2) We will never know why the hell Trump Didn’t hand pick his #2 at the Justice Department – but it was very stupid not to. A loyal person would never have been chumped into appointing a special prosecutor, without a shred of evidence – like lifetime bureaucrat Rosenstein was by the Democrats.
    Never forget – We don’t have a wall yet and all that Trump has done on immigration- is to have Sessions enforce Current law – which no one has done since Reagan. In fact, Reagan really didn’t need to enforce anything because during his presidency Illegal aliens didn’t get Govt Handouts, subsidies, food stamps, or anything of the sort – all of this crap came after Reagan. Add to all of this the fact that more than half of the quisling GOP, including 100% of Republican leadership, is Pro-Open Borders, Pro-Illegal alien amnesty – exactly like the Democrats. No one that would replace Session, could be

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