EXPOSED: Screenshot from Riley’s private Facebook reveals he engages in censorship.

(Image: YouTube)

Today, on March 24th, I was sent a screen shot from Riley’s private Facebook account which proves he engages in censorship. Since he has to confirm friend requests I would never have been able to see what he posts unless I created a fake account. This screen shot was first sent to Roaming Millennial, a fellow YouTuber who is also critical of Riley’s censorship, from an anonymous source.

You can watch Roaming Millennial's recent video on Riley Dennis by clicking here.

After both of my Twitter accounts were removed after tweeting about Riley, both my videos on Riley were removed, and my Instagram post about him was removed, it became increasingly obvious Riley Dennis was up to something. This however proves it. Below you can see the screen shot from Riley J Dennis’s private Facebook page, revealing he engaged in “compiling a list of Youtube channels, so he can make the case to YouTube that, ‘they have to do something about it.’

It appears that Youtube DID do something. They removed my videos, a video by LeafyisHere, and another one by VeryNearlyViral. If you know of any more cases of Riley Dennis censoring people, please report it to me at This is very disappointing to see the sway that Riley has on Youtube for no real apparent reason. The best we can do now is SHARE this article to get the word out that Riley J Dennis is censoring people.

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