California Democrats legalize child prostitution

No, unfortunately this is not fake news. In a controversial, poorly written piece of legislation, California democrats have legalized child prostitution.

SB 1322 bars law enforcement from arresting sex workers who are under the age of 18 for soliciting or engaging in prostitution, or loitering with the intent to do so. So teenage girls (and boys) in California will soon be free to have sex in exchange for money without fear of arrest or prosecution.

This terribly destructive legislation was written and passed by the progressive Democrats who control California’s state government with a two-thirds “supermajority.” To their credit, they are sincere in their belief that decriminalizing underage prostitution is good public policy that will help victims of sex trafficking. Unfortunately, the reality is that the legalization of underage prostitution suffers from the fatal defect endemic to progressive-left policymaking: it ignores experience, common sense and most of all human nature — especially its darker side.

For example, if a 16-year-old girl wishes to prostitute her body for money, at her own free will, it is perfectly legal for her to do so. As long as no one is forcing her, she can legally do it. Buying a prostitute in California is still illegal; however, with children no longer being able to be classified as a prostitute, this can be a complicated legal contradiction in the law. In summery, the wording in this legislation (drafted by the Democratic Party) potentially legalized the prostitution of minors.

As the law now stands, it is being expressed by legal experts that while it is not illegal for a teenager under 18 to prostitute themselves, it is illegal for someone to purchase their “services.”

“It just opens up the door for traffickers to use these kids to commit crimes and exploit them even worse,” Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley expressed.

“There is no such thing as a child prostitute!” CA State Senator Holly J. Mitchell expressed on Twitter.

To deny that some underage minors will use this as an opportunity to prostitute their bodies upon their own free will, is a rejection of reality. Minors 14-17 are certainly capable of making such actions, and could take advantage of this loophole.

Way to go, Democrats.

This story has been reported by Washington Examiner, L.A. Times, Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Fox Nation (Fox News), Red State and Red Alert Politics.

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1 Comment

  1. Stephen

    December 30, 2016 2:36 pm at 2:36 pm

    Really, does this come as a surprise when one considers everything else they support?

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