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hbDemocrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton “unexpectedly” lost the presidency to Donald Trump, but she has not been able to accept defeat. Even though she gave a stern public lecture to Trump on accepting the election results, she will not accept them. That’s because she was supposed to win, so this hyper-hypocrite has once again demonstrated to the world who and what she is: a lying, disruptive, dishonest, corrupt demagogue.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, joined by many of their Democrat and a few RINO colleagues, like Senator John McCain, have been openly blaming Russia and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin for interfering with the American presidential elections by hacking into the democrat base’s emails and providing them to the world through Wikileaks. Clinton campaign staffers and some democrat-friendly officials at the CIA have stated that there is “growing evidence” that the Russians have been supplying Wikileaks with hacked democrat emails, yet to date have provided zero evidence to the public to support this claim.

mmThe American public has been repeatedly lied to by the Obama administration for the past 8-years, has been misled by his propaganda Democrat press corps in the mainstream media, and has been lied to by Hillary Clinton her entire political career. Americans are now laughing and shaking their heads at the Democrat Party, and ignoring them, as one would ignore the boy who cried “wolf” way too many times.

America’s foreign policy towards Russia and other nations has been handled by reckless amateurs in the Obama administration, starting at the top with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, for the past 8-years. Former President Ronald Reagan had a good, respectful, and strong policy towards Russia, which was summed up in three words: “Trust, but verify.” Reagan’s policy led to a cordial, mutually beneficial relationship with the two superpower nations, which resulted in “perestroika.” The Democrat Party, led by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and joined by other neocons, has maintained a distrustful, hostile tone towards Russia, which is summed up in three letters: “KGB.”

The KGB is the foreign intelligence agency for Russia, the equivalent to America’s CIA. Russian President Vladimir Putin was a KGB foreign intelligence officer for 16-years, which somehow equates to him being the spawn of Satan in many of our American elected officials’ eyes. The fact that Putin has such experience shows that he is eminently qualified to be a leader of his country. Compare him to Barack Obama, whose background was that of a state senator who rarely voted in the Senate, and a community organizer, basically a polite way of saying he was a community rabble rouser, a communist.

Image if Russian officials spoke of America’s elected officials in the same manner and tone in which we speak of theirs? You might then hear them say such things as, “I look into Bush’s* eyes and I see three letters, a C, a I, and a A.”

*George H. W. Bush, 41st President of the United States, served as Director of the CIA.

The new demagogue tactic of the left is to smear the whistle blower, the one who uncovers corruption and lawlessness, to absolve the guilty. We saw this tactic used in the recent Planned Parenthood scandals, when two citizen reporters uncovered that Planned Parenthood was performing abortions and sought to illegally obtain added profit by selling the aborted baby body parts. Rather than go after the guilty, leftists, aided by their allies in the mainstream media, successfully filed legal retribution action against the whistleblowers who uncovered the crimes of Planned Parenthood, charges which were later dropped.  Yet the charges served the left’s purpose. It took the focus off the crimes of Planned Parenthood and refocused them on two conservative crusading reporters.

Between 1972 and 1976, reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein were two American journalists in America who as reporters broke the biggest story in American politics. What started out with an investigation of a burglary of the Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate complex, Woodward and Bernstein’s investigations ultimately led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon.

The crimes and scandals that the Clintons have been involved with throughout their political careers make the Nixon Watergate crimes seem like petty theft in comparison. Bill Clinton was impeached for lying to Congress under oath, but would not resign, as the Democrat Party and the mainstream media rallied behind him. Hillary Clinton has since doubled down as a politician in the intensity of her corruption and lawlessness since her husband left office.

Obama has threatened Russia for meddling in the U.S. elections, and has stated, “I think there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our election we need to take action. And we will — at the time and place of our choosing.” The left, encouraged by RINO neocons, has been constantly poking the Russian bear for some time now, making veiled, empty threats. What exactly does Obama think he is going to do to Russia, if anything, in his last month in office? Is this more “line in the sand” rhetoric, that Obama once threatened Syrian President Assad with if he used chemical weapons, and then did nothing when they crossed that line, or worse, does Obama actually intend to provoke Russia further in a retaliatory cyber attack act, sanctions, or an act of war? Americans have been fortunate that things didn’t turn out much worse for their country than they have during the Obama presidency. We are in the last month of surviving through the worst, most reckless, irresponsible, inept, incompetent, and godless president the United States has ever seen.

Russia, if they are indeed guilty as alleged by the leftist Democrats and their allies in the CIA and FBI, who claim Russia provided Wikileaks with Democrat emails, what exactly are they guilty of revealing to the American people to affect our elections? The truth…

* The Clinton Foundation sold political access and influence to foreign governments for a price (pay for play)
* Collusion between Clinton and the DNC to deny Bernie Sanders the Democrat nomination
* Clinton routinely sent classified information through unsecured private servers endangering national security
* Clinton’s pathological lies to the American public, such as with Benghazi, and instructions to staffers about how to handle her scandals
* And many more unethical activities related to Hillary Clinton, the Democrat Party, and the mainstream media

The political demagogues vilifying Russia and Vladimir Putin for allegedly hacking Democrat emails, and exposing the crimes of Hillary Clinton and others, do not speak for all Americans.The preponderance of the evidence suggests Russia is NOT GUILTY of hacking the DNC emails. The American mainstream media no longer hides the fact that they are Democrat operatives, and will not investigate or pursue stories of crimes and scandals, allegedly or confirmed to have been committed, by leftist Democrat politicians.

thank-you-in-russian1IF Russia had any involvement in hacking and providing Wikileaks with the Democrat emails (doubtful), many Americans gratefully acknowledge this gift FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE and would like to say, “Thank you, Russia!”

George Lujack serves as the Managing Editor for Cowger Nation. Lujack is an independent Messianic Minister, an opinionated conservative political and religious writer, and a retired NY City police officer.

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  1. Julie Borik

    December 22, 2016 11:41 am at 11:41 am

    Thank you, Russia!!!

  2. Joyce

    December 22, 2016 12:34 pm at 12:34 pm

    Thank you President Putin. I see that you are an intelligent man who knows when to “hold them” You also know, God willing that we have one more month until Donald Trump becomes the President of America and believe that you have shown respect for one another. Peace will come. God is with us. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  3. Matt

    December 22, 2016 2:41 pm at 2:41 pm

    Always thankful for the truth.

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