INFO POLICE: Facebook is going to start labeling “fake news.”

On Thursday, Facebook released that they will be fact-checking, labeling, and sinking articles determined to be “fake news.” This means that Facebook will decide what is and is not determined to be actual news.

This comes shortly after the social media giant received criticism for their users spreading stories deemed to be completely fake during the 2016 Presidential Election.

“Facebook is a new kind of platform different from anything before it. I think of Facebook as a technology company, but I recognize we have a greater responsibility than just building technology that information flows through,” Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said in a Thursday post.

“While we don’t write the news stories you read and share, we also recognize we’re more than just a distributor of news. We’re a new kind of platform for public discourse — and that means we have a new kind of responsibility to enable people to have the most meaningful conversations, and to build a space where people can be informed.”

reporting a story as fake

To perform this task, Facebook is teaming up with Snopes and ABC News, which are part of an international fact-checking network led by Poynter, a nonprofit school for journalism in St. Petersburg, Florida.



  1. Anonymous

    December 19, 2016 5:44 pm at 5:44 pm

    Fake news like Michelle Obama is a man, Obama sucks dick and smokes crack you know fake news
    Fake news like Hillary Clinton runs a child sex ring in the basement of a Pizza place

    SORRY honkey shows up ready to kill you should be ashamed Caiden Bitch ass Cowger

  2. David H.

    December 19, 2016 10:11 pm at 10:11 pm

    Typical Anonymous Libtard.
    What happens if Pizzagate is true? Do you have a soul even that cares for the innocent victims? Do You even have a mind of your own to investigate the allegations? Go to a Youtuber site named “Titus Frost” watch his vids on this topic. Weight the evidence, before lumping it in with “rumor” news. Shame on You, for putting politics ahead of the innocent victims of these allegations. The evidence speaks for itself on this one. That is why the MSM is in damage control, because they are complicit in these crimes.

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