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George Lujack




Choose wise, understanding, and knowledgeable MEN from among your tribes, and I will make them heads over you.

On Tuesday, November 08, 2016, America will (allegedly) elect its next president, either Donald J. Trump or Hillary R. Clinton.  Allegedly. The election of the next president of the United Stated by We the People is no longer a given. America is on the verge of a Constitutional crisis.

Hillary Clinton, and her husband Bill, have used their political careers as a means to operate a criminal enterprise to enrich themselves financially and to satisfy their adulterous sexual appetites. Their whole terms in office have been marred by so many political scandals, the likes of which make the crimes of actual organized crime families seem like chump change, low-level criminal enterprises in comparison.

There was a time in America when a president or other elected political officeholder would resign from office if he or she were rightfully charged with high crimes or misdemeanors. President William J. Clinton broke that tradition when he refused to step down from the presidency after having been caught lying under oath about his sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky. The Democrat Party, a party of immorality and hypocrisy, rallied behind President Clinton. Even though Clinton was impeached, he remained in office as president.

Gone are the days of American honor, when President Richard M. Nixon resigned in disgrace from the presidency rather than face impeachment hearings for his role in the Watergate affair and coverup. Hillary Clinton, at the time, was a prominent investigator in the Nixon Watergate hearings. It would seem that destiny has a certain irony to it, now that Hillary is the one covering up all her crimes and claiming she cannot remember anything.

The mainstream media have become a communist-leftist propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. They always have been, to some extent, but now even the pretense of impartiality has been blown off their veneer. America has one man to thank for fully exposing the mainstream media, as well as the corrupt political establishment, for who they really truly are: Donald J. Trump.

While the mainstream media fawns over itself for trying to make history again, by encouraging their diminishing viewers to elect the first female president (as if the first half-black president was successful), they ignore the fact that many Americans are trying to make history also by electing the first successful businessman, who has not previously held elective office, to become president of the United States and drain the swamp of political corruption in Washington D.C.

screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-7-39-20-amThe mere fact that Hillary Clinton is a viable candidate says a lot about the corrupt mainstream media. With few exceptions, no one is asking her to resign from the race. The mainstream media and a large swath of the American population simply do not care if Hillary Clinton is a criminal, they are driven by democrat platform godless ideology, and nothing – no scandal or criminal wrongdoing, will cause them to not support their corrupt democrat candidate.

When Hillary, and other democratic candidates, stand up for “human rights,” claiming that America needs to import 500,000 Syrian refugees, concerned Americans are alarmed about the likelihood for terrorism to occur on American shores should that many Muslims be imported. Many concerned Americans are duped by the ploy and facade that democrat politicians use against them (we need to help the Syrian refugees – turning them away is not who we are!) and are suckers for the democrat playbook. Democrats could care less about Syrian refugees, or the likelihood of terrorism on American land, but what they do know is that 500,000 Muslim Syrian refugees imported to America means 500,000 potential Muslim, anti-Judeo-Christian democrat votes, and if those refugees spawn many children, which they will, it means more Muslims and more democrat politicians to serve them.

screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-6-19-21-amDonald J. Trump is America’s last stand, whether he becomes America’s next president or he doesn’t. If Trump does not become president, Clinton will turn the American nation into a banana republic. If she were to be somehow removed from office, that is, if she were to be impeached and charged with criminal conduct as a sitting president, a President Kaine would also take America right down the drain.

dt1If Donald Trump becomes president, America will reap an economic and national revival the likes of which will surpass the most successful presidency of recent times: Ronald W. Reagan. However, Trump will not be able to do much to stem the tide of the moral decline of the nation, nor is he proposing much to do so. The world is getting more dangerous, year after year, decade after decade. Eight years of Trump will bring about an American revival of economic, military, and national strength, but when Americans get comfortable and fat, they forget what made them strong and prosperous in the first place. Ronald Reagan followed the failed extreme liberal presidency of Jimmy Carter. Years after Reagan, America elected Clinton, then eventually an extreme leftist and anti-American president: Barack H. Obama. Hopefully Donald J. Trump will become the next American president and stop the bleeding, but it is a matter of time before America elects another extreme leftist (either now with Hillary Clinton, or after a Trump presidency). America will not be able to survive such executive branch incompetence on the world stage indefinitely.

“I want the entire corrupt Washington establishment to hear and to heed the words I am about to say.  When we win on November 8th, We Are Going To Washington, D.C. and we are going to DRAIN THE SWAMP.”
 -Donald J. Trump

George Lujack serves as the Managing Editor for Cowger Nation. Lujack is an independent Messianic Minister, an opinionated conservative political and religious writer, and a retired NY City police officer.

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  1. Chuck Anziulewicz

    November 6, 2016 8:58 am at 8:58 am

    Let’s be clear about this: Donald Trump’s FIRST priority is to immortalize the Trump brand. He sees himself as the patriarch of a new American dynasty. He has Trump towers, Trump casinos, Trump resorts, Trump THIS, Trump THAT. What better way to cement his family’s name in American history than to have a Trump White House?

    I don’t see anything good coming out of a Trump Presidency, but that’s NOT what matters to HIM.

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WATCH: Roy Moore releases statement, still not willing to give up on Alabama U.S. Senate race.

Caiden Cowger



MONTGOMERY, AL — Judge Roy Moore is still not giving up on his Alabama senate race. The Republican candidate expressed on Wednesday that he is still waiting on the military ballots, to see if the election will be close enough for a recount.

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George Lujack




Despite repeated calls from Democrats, establishment Republicans, the mainstream media, and other leftist political operatives demanding Judge Roy Moore withdraw his nomination from the upcoming U.S. Senate election in Alabama, he has stood strong and has refused to step down. Moore’s refusal has his political opponents in a panicked frenzy not seen since the nomination and election of President Donald J. Trump.

What have Moore’s opponents accused him of? A crime? No. Moore is accused of initiating contact, termed “a sexual encounter,” with a 14-year-old girl when he was 32. Likewise, he is accused of similar such events as dating an assortment of 16, 17, and 19 year old women. DATING! That’s right, dating and with parental consent. Oh, but he may have “touched” or “kissed” one of them, so say his accusers! These events allegedly occurred 38-years ago, when Moore, now 70, was 32! Talk about due process and stretching the statute of limitations to new limits!

Moore, a former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, has vowed to stay in the race and has called many of the accusations against him “completely false.”

Even if these allegations were true, they are not crimes. The Alabama legal Age of Consent for sexual contact is 16 years old. Thirty-one states have set their age of consent at 16, the lowest age of consent in any state. Are we going to make up laws to lock up men, if while on a date with women, a man “inappropriately touches” a young woman, but she rejects his advances and he stops? Is this attempted rape according to feminists? Does the same standard apply if a woman touches a man’s chest or lap? Can this then be reported as unwanted “inappropriate touching,” which can irreparably destroy a man’s life going forward?

You may as well lock up all the men in the country and / or disqualify them from running from public office if making the slightest physical advance towards a woman, or the accusation of doing so, becomes an unforgivable crime. Oh, I suppose it is, but only if they are Christian-values Republicans. More, no pun intended, on that later…

Ivanka Trump told the Associated Press that she believes the stories of the women who have accused Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore of pursuing them as teenagers. Ivanka said, “There’s a ‘special place’ in hell for people who prey on children,” regarding the Moore accusations, and further stated,”I’ve yet to see a valid explanation and I have no reason to doubt the victims’ accounts.”

Ivanka, darling, now that your daddy is president, I am sure it is your wish to be loved by the establishment who hate both you and your father. I’m sure you think a great way for you to do this is for you to join them in condemning Moore. Ivanka, speaking of your daddy President Donald J. Trump, did you know that the same kind of accusers vilified your father, but you asked us to trust you, because you knew your father loved women? Ivanka, did you know that your daddy Donald is 71, is on his third marriage, and his current wife Melania is 47-years-old and Donald Trump is 24 years older than her? Did you know the age difference between a 32-year-old man and a 16-year-old woman is 16-years, which is less of an age discrepancy than Donald and Melania have? Ivanka, did you know that your daddy Donald was caught on tape bragging about “grabbing women’s pussies?”

Ivanka, you claim that you see no reason to ever disbelieve a woman who accused Judge Roy Moore of sexual misconduct / inappropriate touching. Can you really be that dumb and naive? I have a viable reason and explanation for you. Politics. Lying liberal women used by Democrat operatives to bring down the candidacy of a Republican U.S. Senate candidate who they loathe, Judge Roy Moore.

The National Republican Committee and National Republican Senatorial Committee have pulled their financial support from Moore’s campaign. As the Republican establishment turned its back on Moore, the people have risen up and donations have poured in for Roy Moore. Many Senate Republicans have urged Moore to drop his bid, whether or not he is guilty of anything. Moore and his campaign have made it clear that this isn’t what he intends to do, and have questioned the legitimacy of his signature in his accusers’ high school yearbook. Moore has called the allegations fake news in an attempt to dismantle his campaign.

Democrat operatives love using forgeries, such as the seemingly obvious forgery of Roy Moore’s signature in his accuser’s yearbook. Liberals vehemently defend such forgeries, such as was the case with Obama’s forged birth certificate, then tactically vilify anyone who would question the authenticity of the forgery, as with Obama’s birth certificate, as a “birther.” In this case of Roy Moore, liberals rail against anyone who would question the integrity of young (now old) women who would never lie about allegations of sexual misconduct. Many on the political left have been quick to say that Moore’s young accusers (now old and some openly Democrat supporters) would never lie. The dangerous belief that young women would never fabricate a lie once led to the execution of 20 persons, five additional deaths, and hundreds of arrests and imprisonments in the Salem witch trials of Massachusetts in 1692-1693. Roy Moore is likewise facing a Washington establishment witch hunt.

Bill Clinton had oral sex performed on him by an intern during his presidency, but liberals and the mainstream media saw no reason to disqualify him and remove him from office. Republicans were roundly criticized for impeaching a sitting president, who not only took advantage of an impressionable young intern, but then lied under oath about it. Furthermore, the mainstream media routinely turned a deaf ear to the numerous groping and rape accusations made against Bill Clinton.

This brings us to the real reason Judge Roy Moore is under attack. No one cares about tales of Roy Moore dating, kissing, and touching legal aged young women. Moore is a Christian-values candidate who unashamedly governs and legislates according to his conscious and faith. He has stood against the U.S. Supreme Court, defending Alabama’s Constitution and laws against the imposition of gay marriage imposed upon the people of Alabama. The pro-homosexual establishment government and mainstream media, who are at war with traditional Judeo-Christian morality, will use any means necessary to try to destroy Roy Moore, an honorable candidate for U.S. Senate who stands for the values that they abhor, as they continue on their maddening self-destructive quest to transform America into a atheistic secular society, ridding the nation of all its Judeo-Christian values and foundations.

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The Lynching Of Judge Roy Moore– What The Heck Happened To Due Process?

Joe Dan Gorman




40 year old allegations and no due process. What country is this?  And this is being allowed to impact the balance of OUR US Senate?

This is EXACTLY why DUE PROCESS -and not MOB JUSTICE- was put in the US Constitution by our Founding Fathers.

I’m not at all surprised by Swamp creatures – BUT SEAN HANNITY?  Shame on Sean for giving the Judge Moore a 24 hour ultimatum.
We cannot let them win.

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