Trump supporters contribute repairing black church by donating $142,390.

Donald Trump supporters have been promoting a GoFundMe campaign, raising money to repair a black church that was set ablaze and had the words “Vote Trump” spray painted on the side.

“No real Trump supporter would ever do this. Donation page is going out to all his real supporters. Time to come together and end this kind of hate. Trump love all and I am certain will be horrified about this hate crime,” said Frank Dean, a contributor on GoFundMe. “There is no way he or anyone connected to him would ever do this. I pray for the person who did. May God forgive you.”

“There are deranged people in this world that exist within both parties. Truthfully they will never represent any party or candidate — hopefully! TRUMP does not deserve to be blamed for their behavior–as he would definitely condemn it,” Sherrie Mathieson expressed. “I’m an Independent that has voted for TRUMP and would hope that this terrible crime will not deter you from voting TRUMP!”

“I’m a Christian and a Trump Supporter,” Jolie Arsenault stated. “I hope the pastor will pray for our country and that the donations will help rebuild the church.”

The fundraiser has presently collected $142,390 of a $10,000 goal.

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