You aren’t voting for Trump. You’re voting to save the Constitution.

I know of many people who have expressed that they refuse to vote for Donald Trump due to his “outlandish” remarks and horrible behavior. With just 11 days away from Election Day, I will make this final plead with you: if you dislike Trump and Hillary, vote for Trump’s platform. Conservatives who have expressed their Never Trumpism position, agree with most of his platforms. For example, Trump opposes illegal immigration and wants to secure the border. He promises to appoint justices to the Supreme Court that are pro-life. He wants to re-affirm the Tenth Amendment on the issue of marriage. Trump also vows to defend our second amendment.

If Hillary becomes president, she has already promised to accept thousands of more Syrian refugees. These are unvetted people, with potentially radicalized Islamic extremists mixed in. Due to their lack of technology in their home country, there is not a database to compare most of the refugees to. ISIS is also recruiting Muslims who have never committed any terrorist acts that would signal a threat, making this even more dangerous. You will also see anti-Semitism increase, along with a violent hatred for women and homosexuals. Why would Hillary support this? With Democrats being the champions of giving potential terrorists citizenship, they will more than likely vote democrat. They will do anything for votes.

Donald Trump wants to secure the border, giving us a greater ability to control who enters and exists our country. He also refuses to allow refugees and immigrants enter the United States from radicalized Muslim countries. Liberals can say that this is uncalled for, but Jimmy Carter did the same thing when he was president. This is one of the executive rights of the presidency, because it does not affect American citizens.

Regarding the Supreme Court, the Republican nominee has given a list of originalist conservative justices that will honor the Constitution. I have reviewed his selection, and can verify that they would do excellent on the court, and would dissolve judicial activism.

On the issue of marriage, Donald Trump stated that he will push to nominate Supreme Court justices that will honor the Tenth Amendment. Any issue not mentioned specifically in the Constitution is left up to the state. Marriage is not mentioned; therefore, it is a state issue.

On abortion, Trump went from being extremely pro-choice to extremely pro-life. As I have examined on my radio show and in previous articles, this was an 11-year transition. This wasn’t an overnight flip-flop. It’s also important to point out that for many years, Ronald Reagan was a democrat. If Hillary Clinton becomes the next president, she will appoint liberal justices to the Supreme Court. He vows that Roe vs. Wade will be repealed. Trump has promised to appoint conservative justices that are pro-life, and will overturn this genocidal ruling.

Here is my point: if you are pro-life and refuse to vote for Donald Trump, you will be partially responsible for the continuation of fetal genocide. You had an opportunity to contribute to its termination, but refused to participate.

Taking a chance on Trump at ending Roe vs. Wade is better than taking no chance by not voting, or voting for Hillary.

The most important issue in this election has to be the Supreme Court. If Hillary is elected, she will also nominate justices that will not respect our Second Amendment. These nominees will hold the belief that only people who are part of a militia are entitled to “bear arms.” This will be detrimental to all of our rights, because without the Second, you have nothing that gives you the right to defend the rest.

In this election, you are voting for more than just someone to fill the presidency. You are voting for the continuation of the Constitution. Hillary Clinton will further scrap the Supreme Law though judicial activism, manipulation and misinterpretations. If you will not vote for Donald Trump based upon his likability, then vote for him to save our constitutional republic.

You aren’t voting for Trump. You’re voting to save the Constitution.


  1. Bill Nutter

    October 28, 2016 10:36 pm at 10:36 pm

    “Trump went from being extremely pro-choice to extremely pro-choice.”
    “He vows that Roe vs. Wade will be upheld.”
    So many mistakes, you can’t write.

  2. Chuck Anziulewicz

    November 2, 2016 7:05 am at 7:05 am

    Trump has no intention of repealing gay marriage. It can’t be done. There is no Constitutional justification for it, and he knows that. There is no reason under the 14th Amendment why law-abiding, taxpaying gay couples can be denied the same legal benefits, protections, and opportunities that straight couples have always taken for granted.

    Trump SAID he thinks the issue should go back to the states, probably because he was just pandering to the audience at the time. But it cannot be, because of the “Full Faith & Credit” clause of the Constitution. A marriage is a legal contract between two parties, and it crosses state lines. Even if one state can ban gay marriage, all the couple has to do is get legally married in another state, then come back home. Their home state will never be able to nullify that marriage. And let’s face it: Trump has LOTS of gay friends, he’s been to gay weddings. He can’t do anything about this issue, and he really doesn’t want to.

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