PHIL ROBERTSON: I want to baptize Donald Trump.

WASHINGTON D.C. — Duck Commander founder Phil Robertson addressed the 2016 Values Voter Summit. He began discussing why it is essential for people to vote for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in this upcoming election.

He stated that some people refuse to vote for Trump because he “sticks his foot in his mouth.”

“I’ve stuck my foot in my mouth more than once,” Robertson said. “Better a man who sticks his foot in his mouth every once and a while, than a woman who pours out lies.”

The Duck Commander also stated that God used many old people in the Bible who were not perfect, expressing that we need to just “give [Trump] time.”

He then began discussing the flaws with Atheism. He asked the question, ‘How do atheists think that the oceans were created?”

“That’s a lot of water to be hauled in here from comets and asteroids,” Robertson exclaimed.

Robertson momentarily transitioned to discussing how the media promotes immoral behavior, and abandons discussing sin and repentance.

“When do you hear anyone in the media, talking about sin and repentance?” he asked. “You never hear it.”

“Sin is lawlessness. We forgot God as a nation. They ran Him out of Hollywood. They ran Him out of the mainstream news media. They ran Him out of the school system. They ran Him out of Washington D.C. We’ve got to bring Him back.”

The Duck Commander founder stated that if Trump really wants to see the liberal left go insane, he is perfectly willing to baptize him.

“Then we would really know God is on our side,” he joked.

He expressed that evangelicals would flock to Trump, stating that he expressed his offer publicly to make sure that it gets to The Donald.

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