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THANK YOU, JESUS: Rush Limbaugh signs new contract with Premiere Networks!

After celebrating his 28th radio anniversary on August 1st, Rush Limbaugh has signed a new contract with Premiere Networks.

iHeartMedia, which is the the parent company of Premiere, serves as the leading media business in America and has a larger reach than any other radio or television outlet in the United States. They announced today iHeartMedia and Premiere Networks have renewed and extended their partnership with Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh is recognized as the most-listened-to radio talk show host in America, and is nationally known for being an outspoken conservative commentator.

On his Tuesday talk show, Limbaugh stated that it is a four year contract.

Originally, no specific terms were announced; however, the outlet said that the new contract is a “long-term, multi-platform agreement.” It also “reflects The Rush Limbaugh Show’s status as the top program in Premiere Networks’ industry-leading talk lineup of nationally-syndicated properties, including continuous growth and strong performance in both revenue and OIBDAN.”

Despite what you may have heard from the liberal media, new information from Nielsen Audio reveals that “The Big Voice on the Right” is doing great in major markets: New York (+155%), Chicago (+76%), San Francisco (+63%), Houston (+33%), Atlanta (+40%), and Miami (+50%).

Over last year, ad revenue for The Rush Limbaugh Show has also increased by 20% over last year.

“After 28 fulfilling years, I seriously considered moving on to something else, but Rich and Bob were very persuasive,” Limbaugh expressed in a statement. “I’m thrilled to be continuing. And I really want to be on the air if the Russians find Hillary’s emails.”

“As Rush celebrates his 28th anniversary in national syndication, his commitment to broadcasting excellence has never been more evident,” said Bob Pittman, Chairman and CEO of iHeartMedia, Inc. “The Rush Limbaugh Show is stronger than ever, experiencing continued ad sales growth and its highest audience levels of the past decade.”

“Rush continues to deliver impressive results for affiliates and a wide range of advertisers by providing an unmatched connection to millions of loyal fans, along with valuable and unique content,” said Rich Bressler, President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of iHeartMedia, Inc.  “We’re proud to continue our partnership with Rush, and look forward to sharing many more years of success.”

Premiere Networks is the largest syndication company in the United States, and will continue to remain as a partner with Limbaugh for many more years to come.

THANK YOU, JESUS: Rush Limbaugh signs new contract with Premiere Networks!
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. David H.

    August 2, 2016 9:22 pm at 9:22 pm

    Dear Mr. Trump,

    Now that you are beginning to realize the absolute hegemony the media has over the swaying of public opinion, I want to tell you that what you are doing is waking a lot of people up. Do not fall for their appeasement tactics, as this is what has caused people like Mitt Romney to lose the election after winning the first debate last time around. They started to worry about what to say, and how to say it so that the media would not jump on them, and then thay said nothing at all worth hearing.. All you need to do is keep talking to the PEOPLE, and do not answer their false accusations. Keep speaking the Truth and you will be heard by the people. This country is “we the people” not “us the media”. We hear the truth. Do Not stop speaking the Truth of globalism. Do Not stop speaking about how these crooks are robbing this country by design. How through their currency manipulation, they are robbing the American people, and that they should be prosecuted for it. With Leadership, this country can be great again, but with the current brand of technocrats, it will become just another third world nation, if we are not there already.

    The croney capitalists are not your friends either. At this moment they are stabbing you in the back. Rise above their slander, and do not compromise to their demands. This was the big mistake Ronald Reagan made. He knew what they were, and tried to unite with them, only to have them undo all the moves he made under the Bushes. The People of this country are on your side, at least the ones that are awake. The more you speak the truth, the more you will wake them up, and they will join you in support. Talk to them like you talk to your family at the dinner table. they will understand that. Be frank, and do not waste your time trying to be a media sensation, because from here on out, they are opposed to you, all of them, and they will do anything to win. A movement begins with the hearts and minds of the people, not the opinion and political correctness of the media. Because whatever you say to them will be taken the wrong way. There is a hunger for the truth, follow the example of Reagan in the following speech.

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