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WHOOPS! Jim Hoft and The Gateway Pundit falls for CJ Pearson’s bogus endorsement of Trump.

CJ Pearson, a 13-year old political con artist, recently “endorsed” Donald Trump after attacking the Presidential candidate just weeks prior to his declaration of support. Pearson called Trump a “racist, sexist, Islamophobe,” along with calling his supporters “stupid.” He is now using his recent “support” of the Republican presidential nominee to target Trump supporters and collect their money.

As we reported yesterday: on July 25, 2016, Pearson created a GoFundMe campaign, requesting to raise $7,500 for a future website. The campaign is titled, “Building an Empire.” He has already raised over $1,100, and that number continues to increase.

In the classic Pearson drama, the “poor kid” was once again “bulled.” This time, it’s for supporting Donald Trump.

Jim Hoft, a right-leaning blogger and owner of The Gateway Pundit, recently published an article titled, “Black Teen Activist CJ Pearson Called ‘Uncle Tom’ and ‘N*gger’ for Endorsing Trump – But Won’t Back Down (VIDEO).”

In May, The Daily Caller reported that Pearson was also suspended from his middle school for bullying two girls, and was considered for disciplinary expulsion. The victim is actually the bully… go figure.

Hoft’s article inaccurately portrays Pearson as a “brave,” courageous hero, refusing to leave Trump’s side under any circumstances.

However, the article failed to mention that in December, the political whippersnapper published a piece titled, “I’M 13 AND DONALD TRUMP BECOMING PRESIDENT SCARES THE CRAP OUT OF ME.

Because of Hoft’s careless reporting, exalting a proven fraudulent political blowhard, Donald J. Trump Jr. came across his article and also praised Pearson.

Unfortunately, Trump Jr. was not aware that this “articulate” youngster trashed his father. He assumed that Hoft actually knew what he was talking about.

“I laugh at a lot of things, ” Pearson wrote on “I laugh at cute puppies chasing their tails; furry cats falling down stairs. Man, I even laugh at the ceiling sometimes (yes, I’m honestly that weird). Six months ago, I used to laugh at Donald Trump. However, I’ve stopped laughing. This is because in the past few weeks, this originally hilarious joke has taken a turn for the worse. It’s taken a turn towards fear-mongering. A turn towards hate. And a turn towards blanket racism and blatant Islamophobia. Donald, the joke is over. I’m not laughing anymore and the American people aren’t laughing anymore.

“First, he called Latino immigrants criminals and rapists. But instead of backtracking, he didn’t just double down — he tripled down. He went on to say on CNN’s ‘The Situation Room’ to Don Lemon that ‘somebody’s doing the raping, Don! I mean someone’s doing the raping.’” “When you’re auditioning to become president of the United States, these comments are not OK. Next time, he should leave his sexism at the door.

“Needless to say, this thought scares the crap out of me. I’m scared not only for myself, but also for my generation and the future of our great nation. But honestly, his ascension begs the question: Do people not know how bad Donald Trump is or do they just not care? I hope it’s the former because you can help ignorance, but you can’t fix stupid.

Pearson pulled the same stunt on Sen. Ted Cruz. Months before endorsing the candidate, he trashed Cruz and called him “unelectable.” Then suddenly, Pearson’s opinion quickly changed of Cruz, and was given a position on his presidential campaign to serve as the chairman of Teens for Ted. When the Cruz campaign began experiencing unacceptable behavior from Pearson, they removed all the powers from his position. This led to Pearson leaving the campaign, and endorsing Bernie Sanders. It now appears that he is trying to do the same thing to Donald Trump.

Pearson has consistently embarrassed conservatives and Republicans on a regular basis. It is time for the conservative media to actually research and vet people, regardless of their age. Otherwise, Hoft and others who embrace teens like Pearson will continue to look like utter fools.

WHOOPS! Jim Hoft and The Gateway Pundit falls for CJ Pearson’s bogus endorsement of Trump.


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    oh, by the way, here is a video of one of the times pearson was bullying the girls. pearson is such a queen

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