Elizabeth Warren was with her second husband, before she left her first. Married 6 months after divorce.

In a Boston Globe interview published on October, 25, 2012, reporter Stephanie Ebbert recorded the early years of Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Jim Warren

Jim Warren


Elizabeth Warren in 1968

While Warren was in high school, she began dating her first husband, Jim Warren.

Jim was a senior, while Elizabeth was a sophomore. He was also a member of Honor Language, Honor Math, NFL, National Honor Society, Key Club, Judicial Board, Great Books Club, German Club and the Lancers.

When Jim graduated, he became a computer engineer and married Elizabeth “Liz” Herring in 1968.

In her reflection, Elizabeth Warren stated that he was “not a bad guy.” “If I wanted to do something as crazy as go to law school,” she said, “then it was on me to figure out how to do that and still manage our home and our child.”

Her first husband worked for IBM, a subcontractor for NASA, and when his project in New Jersey ended, he found a job in Texas. She wrote to the University of Houston Law Center and got a job teaching there.

In the interview, Warren claimed that her husband moved out by the following spring.

That summer, she attended a conference where she met Bruce Man, who she began developing a relationship with in just a few days. 

“I saw this woman talking to someone, and I was just captivated,” Mann told the reporter. “I just walked right over. She barely noticed me. It took a couple of days.

“You had good legs,” Warren interjected, admitting that she was looking at another man, while still being married.

She did not file for divorce until the fall.

“[Jim and I] never really fought and never really had hard words; it just didn’t work,” Warren exclaimed.

Her story does not add up. One could conclude that it is possible that he discovered that she was unfaithful and left without discussion; especially, when you consider that she had begun a relationship with Mann before the divorce was finalized.

Elizabeth Warren and Bruce Mann

Elizabeth Warren and Bruce Mann

To substantiate this likely possibility, Mann was also a visiting professor at the University of Houston Law Center, where Warren worked.

According to the Boston Globe interview, Mann and Warren married within six months of her [finalized]­ divorce,” after she proposed to Mann.

Mann told the reporter that it is always preferable to be a second husband, or “H2,” as he referred to it. “You will look great in comparison.”

In the interview, Warren also admitted that she claimed to be a Native American in employment forms and law teaching directories.

Warren recently blasted Donald Trump at a rally for Hillary Clinton, stating that he “calls women bimbos.” When Trump has used such language, he is not referring to all women. Not all women are Elizabeth Warren.

This story truly reveals her history of misandry and explains her drive for feminist dominance.

Elizabeth Warren was with her second husband, before she left her first. Married 6 months after divorce.


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