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EXPOSED: Columnist George Will, who left the GOP over Trump, supported amnesty.

Columnist George Will has been making headlines after terminating his membership with the Republican Party. Will stated that the reason for his decision is due to the rhetoric of the Presumptive Republican Nominee, Donald Trump.

While many outlets continously refer to Will as a conservative, it is important to highlight his support for amnesty. In a column published on March 30, 2006, the writer expressed his approval of a pathway to citizenship.

“Conservatives should want, as the president proposes, a guest worker program to supply what the U.S. economy demands — immigrant labor for entry-level jobs. Conservatives should favor a policy of encouraging unlimited immigration by educated people with math, engineering, technology or science skills that America’s education system is not sufficiently supplying.

And conservatives should favor reducing illegality by putting illegal immigrants on a path out of society’s crevices and into citizenship by paying fines and back taxes and learning English.

Faux conservatives absurdly call this price tag on legal status “amnesty.” Actually, it would prevent the emergence of a sullen, simmering subculture of the permanently marginalized, akin to the Arab ghettos in France. The House-passed bill, making it a felony to be in the country illegally, would make 11 million people permanently ineligible for legal status. To what end?”

Will also referred to Sen. Ted Cruz as being a Teddy Roosevelt liberal on July 2, 2015, after Cruz’s remarks against the Supreme Court’s decision regarding same-sex marriage.

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