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Rick Tyler, former Cruz spokesman and speculated saboteur, now works for MSNBC

Tyler was hired as a political analyst for MSNBC four days after he was fired by Cruz. He also formerly worked for Gov. John Kasich, four months prior to becoming Cruz’s spokesman; Kasich was running against Cruz for the presidency.

Rick Tyler is the former communications director for the Cruz campaign who was fired for falsely claimed that Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) stated that there are not many answers in the Bible.

MSNBC Rick Tyler twitter

Rick Tyler’s Twitter

Soon following his termination, Cowger Nation released a report. At the time, we believed that Tyler was potentially attempting to sabotage Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign, after it was listed on his official Linkedin that he worked for a democratic activism organization called The Strategy Group.
While we pointed out the fact that he linked to a democratic organization on his resume, it was later revealed that he worked for another organization that assisted establishment-Republican candidates, who operated under the same name. To clarify: he listed inaccurate information on his resume. Even though his resume listing later appeared to be an error, Tyler’s motives for spreading the false information were still questionable.

MSNBC Rick Tyler facebook

Rick Tyler’s Facebook

I had completely forgotten about this incident, until I recently saw a news clip featuring Tyler.

Apparently, just four days after being fired from the Cruz campaign, Rick Tyler was hired as an MSNBC political analyst.

He now proudly flaunts his network on his official Facebook and Twitter accounts.

John Kasich reelection ohio

The Strategy Group on Facebook

I also re-examined the real Strategy Group that Tyler legitimately worked for. Just four months prior to Tyler becoming employed by the Cruz campaign, his organization assisted Gov. John Kasich (R) in his Ohio re-election campaign.

Kasich also happened to be running against Cruz in the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary.

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