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ORLANDO TERRORIST’S FATHER: Son was visiting gay bars to scout, not because he was gay.

Caiden Cowger



Seddique Mateen, the father of the Orlando terrorist, told Fox News channel on Wednesday that he did not believe his son was homosexual.

When asked about his son’s sexual preference, his father stated that he believed his son was going to various gay bars to work as a scout, because he was influenced by the Islamic State.

“I wish that all the youngesters wouldn’t follow this horrible group of ISIS,” Mateen told reporters.


Caiden Cowger is the owner and Editor-in-Chief of Cowger Nation. Cowger also serves as the radio host of The Caiden Cowger Program. In 2015, he was named as being the "'Youngest' Syndicated Talk Personality" in the United States.

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  1. David H.

    June 16, 2016 6:59 am at 6:59 am

    This man, and the wife needs to be sent back to Iraq for not preventing this act from occurring, as a lesson to the rest of the muslim community that is harboring terrorists.

  2. James Hall

    June 16, 2016 6:05 pm at 6:05 pm

    I guess he was also on gay dating apps and having sex with guys as part of his research efforts. See what happens when you get all conflicted and live your life as a lie, Caiden?

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National Security

AFTER NEW YORK ATTACK: Are you ready to suspend Islamic immigration?

Bryan Fischer



Another Muslim, this time in New York, shouts “Allahu Akbar” and uses a truck to run down as many infidels as possible.

How many more times does this have to happen, how many more times do we have to play “Whack A Mole” with the people who want to kill us, before we wake up and smell the jihad? How long until we expand President Trump’s travel ban to every Muslim country in the world?

The latest “Religion of Peace” mass murderer immigrated from Uzbekistan in 2010, which means quite simply that if a ban on Muslim immigration had been in place at the time, eight Americans would be alive today. Instead, each of their bodies is lying on a slab in a morgue.

Even worse, the perp entered on a “Diversity Visa,” if you can believe it, which the GAO told us a decade ago said was a sieve through which jihadists could easily insert themselves into the U.S.

Our immigration policy with regard to followers of Muhammad is foolish, naive, and exceedingly dangerous. This is not multiculturalism, this is insanity. It is cultural suicide, not cultural diversity. European countries like Poland and Hungary have smartened up, banned Islamic immigration, and built fences to protect their borders. This is why you never hear about murderous Muslim attacks in those countries. You don’t hear about jihadist attacks in the Czech Republic or in Japan, for the same reason: their immigration policies are such that very few Muslims live there.

In the wake of this latest terror slaughter, the president has vowed to step up “extreme vetting” to prevent future attacks. Well, the basic questions we must ask of any would-be immigrants are these: “Aare you a follower of Muhammad and do you believe in Sharia law?” If we’re not asking the questions and denying entry to anyone who says “Yes,” then our vetting isn’t nearly as stringent or extreme as it needs to be.

Of course it’s true that the majority of Muslims apparently do not intend to blow us up, run us over, or shoot us up. But no one has developed a jihadi Geiger counter to tell us which Muslims we have to worry about and which ones we don’t. Until we figure that out, this means we must be careful with them all.

The media and New York officials like Mayor DiBlasio and Governor Cuomo can’t get enough of calling this another “lone wolf” attack. But who cares about that? What difference does any of that make to the families of the eight victims? The victims are just as dead, and their families just as bereaved, as if a terrorist cell had done it.

And how can we call him a “lone wolf” if he’s connected, even loosely, to ISIS in one way or another? He apparently left a note at the scene pledging his allegiance to ISIS.

Reports are that he was known to U.S. authorities and that the mosque he attended had been under surveillance since 2005. What good is any of that if authorities did nothing to stop him?

But the culprit here is not even ISIS – it is Islam itself. Islam is, as I have said before, is the Ebola virus of culture. Just as African countries, at the height of the Ebola outbreak, refused entry to anyone coming from a country where the virus had erupted, so we can and should block entry into America to anyone who is a carrier of this ideological virus.

Some will say this is mean. Well, it most definitely is not mean to Americans who won’t have to experience the trauma of pulling the body of a loved one out from under a rental truck. Government’s first responsibility is to protect the safety and security of the American people. It’s time for government to do its job.

There are no constitutional barriers to a total suspension of Islamic immigration. There is no religious or constitutional right to immigrate to the United States. We have banned communists from immigration since 1952 because they adhere to a “totalitarian ideology.” Well, so do Muslims. If our leaders are not talking about a total suspension of Islamic immigration, they’re not serious about solving this problem.

I, for one, am sick to death of all the hand-wringing, the “lone wolf”excuse-making, and all the bilge about Islam as a religion of peace. It most decidedly is not, and the sooner we wake up and actually start doing something about it the better.

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National Security

Japan: No Muslims, no terrorists

Bryan Fischer



There is a simple reason we never read about jihadi attacks in Japan. There are no Muslims there. No Muslims, no terrorists.

This is a significant data point in the public debate over Muslim immigration. Donald Trump, of course, has famously proposed a suspension of Islamic immigration until we can figure out a way to screen out jihadis, and Franklin Graham is backing that suggestion to the hilt.

The primary God-given role of government is to keep us safe. According to Romans 13, this involves the use of lethal force, when necessary, to administer justice and to protect our national security.

The number one fear today among the American people is a Muslim terror attack. It is our government’s chief responsibility to enact whatever public policies are necessary to reduce that fear and eliminate the threat.

This means there is much we can learn from Japan, which has been virtually free from Islamic unrest. Simple demographics tell the story.

Dr. Mordechai Kedar, writing in The Jewish Press, offers some of the details (emphasis mine throughout):

This country keeps a very low profile on all levels regarding the Muslim matter: On the diplomatic level, senior political figures from Islamic countries almost never visit Japan, and Japanese leaders rarely visit Muslim countries. The relations with Muslim countries are based on concerns such as oil and gas, which Japan imports from some Muslim countries. The official policy of Japan is not to give citizenship to Muslims who come to Japan, and even permits for permanent residency are given sparingly to Muslims.

Japan is a nation of roughly 126 million people. And yet, according to Dr. Kedar, there are only 10,000 Muslims in the entire country. This represents less than one hundredth of one percent. (Other estimates are higher, but none suggest a number above 100,000.) Muslim immigration is officially and culturally discouraged, and a Japanese woman who marries a Muslim man becomes a social outcast.

Contrast this with many European nations who have allowed Muslims with their death-to-the-West ideology to reach 5-10% of their populations. In France, authorities were relieved disaffected Muslim teenagers only torched 804 cars on New Year’s Eve, down from over 900 the year before. These young devotees of the religion of peace also managed to blow up a public Christmas tree in between firebombing automobiles, and the mere threat of a Muslim terror attack shut down a huge fireworks display in Brussels.

Islamic proselytization is forbidden in Japan, it is very difficult to import Qur’ans into the country, and there are very few mosques. In Japan, Muslim men are expected to pray at home, not in mosques or in the middle of the street as they do in France. Islamic organizations are not allowed, so the Japanese do not have to deal with the incessant stream of propaganda coming from pro-jihadi groups like CAIR. There is only one imam in Tokyo, a city of over 13 million people.

Virtually the only Muslims who are in Japan come as employees of foreign companies. And even that is the exception rather than the rule. “The official policy of the Japanese authorities is to make every effort not to allow entry to Muslims, even if they are physicians, engineers and managers sent by foreign companies that are active in the region.”

The Japanese have a patriotic pride in Japanese exceptionalism, Japanese culture and Japanese traditions, and instinctively recognize that enculturating Islam threatens all that because its value system is so antithetical to what makes Japan Japan.

The resistance to Islamic infiltration is universally shared by the populace at large. “Japan manages to remain a country almost without a Muslim presence because Japan’s negative attitude toward Islam and Muslims pervades every level of the population, from the man in the street to organizations and companies to senior officialdom.”

What’s more, because the Japanese are proud of who and what they are, and because of their allegiance to their own cultural values, they are utterly unapologetic about their resistance to Islam. “The most interesting thing in Japan’s approach to Islam is the fact that the Japanese do not feel the need to apologize to Muslims for the negative way in which they relate to Islam.”

Geert Wilders, the Dutch Parliamentarian who has led the worldwide effort to tell the truth about Islam, has said that Western nations must rediscover the vast superiority of Christian civilization over Islamic civilization, and take a justifiable pride in the Christian heritage of their own country before they are swept beneath the waves of the Muslim tsunami now sweeping over Europe and America.

Concluded Dr. Kedar, “Japan is teaching the whole world an interesting lesson: there is a direct correlation between national heritage and permission to immigrate: a people that has a solid and clear national heritage and identity will not allow the unemployed of the world to enter its country; and a people whose cultural heritage and national identity is weak and fragile, has no defense mechanisms to prevent a foreign culture from penetrating into its country and its land.”

Taking humble and grateful pride once again in what God has done to make America the most exceptional nation in history is not only the right thing to do, it is the safest thing to do.

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Make No Mistake – Jihad Is Here

Joe Dan Gorman



Some folks, mainly liberals and progressive republicans are having ‘the vapors’ over Trump calling for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”
I’m not ht_malik_farook_airport_BUGGED_BG_lf_151206_4x3_992-300x225one of those people—in fact, I wholeheartedly agree with Trump’s position.

How is this possibly a bad thing? It is not islamophobia or bigotry (as loudly claimed out by enemies of Trump) to want to protect your country from murderers and savages.

Now for the obligatory ‘not all Muslims are terrorists’… well, that’s nice.  But the problem is that you cannot tell the good from the bad.  And our government, paralyzed with political correctness certainly can’t. That was just proven in California.

So much for their vetting process.

And remember not all Germans were Nazis.

Innocent and unsuspecting Americans are now regularly killed in the name of ALLAH on American soil (link) right here in Tennessee, in California, in Arizona, Massachusetts , New York, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Georgia, New Jersey, Texas, Washington, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Arkansas, Maryland, Alabama.. etc.

Make no mistake – we ARE at war. And they want us dead.

We did not start this war, Islam did — decades ago (centuries ago actually). They have used and continue to use our freedoms and our generosity against us. (91.4% of the Muslim “refugees” are on food stamps, 68.3% on Cash Welfare) And since Barack Hussein Obama took office in 2009— the number of muslim attacks on American soil has exploded.

In fact, Islam is on a global slaughter-fest (their caliphate) murdering innocent civilians en masse – three weeks ago Paris France…this week San Bernardino, California—

Since October 10, ISIS and its sympathizers around the world have killed at least 525 people in six attacks in six countries—that’s less than two months!. LINK

The terrorists, here looking like a nice middle eastern couple. Not so much….

The terrorists, here looking like a nice middle eastern couple. Not so much….

They don’t wear a uniform…and they pretend to be your friend (Under the Islamic authorization to lie and deceive called Taqiyaa as long as the goal is to advance the cause of Islam)

These demons in California had their co-workers SO FOOLED—their co-workers gave them a baby shower 6 months earlier— the very ‘friends’ that they brutally shot down in cold blood… just last week.

Tashfeen Malik and her husband, Syed Rizwan Farook, sprayed bullets at Farook’s co-workers at a Christmas party for the Environmental Health Department in San Bernardino—a Christmas party!

And …what the hell kind of ‘death cult’ could possibly make a mother leave her 6 month old child?

Per Aljazeera Poll – 81% of their Arab readers support ISIS.

Center for Security Policy (Poll of American Muslims)

* Over 20% of Muslims in America believe violence against Americans IN America is justified.
* 51% of those polled, “agreed that Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to Shariah.”
* Only 39% of those polled said that Muslims in the U.S. should be subject to American courts.

The FBI is already investigating ISIS members in ALL 50 STATES. They’re here.

Look what they’re doing to Europe. I don’t want that for my kids.

Donald Trump is the only one with the guts to say what needs to be said to keep Americans safe. It’s time to turn off the spigot of Muslims coming into the USA until further notice or until they can be trusted.

To summarize—when people are coming in your home and killing, you lock the damn door. How difficult is that?

Damn right I’m voting for Trump.


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