TRUMP & CRUZ: The possible plan to take back America.

In just a matter of months, Trump and Cruz have went from being friends to bitter enemies. Republicans are being forced to decide if they want to support Donald Trump or Ted Cruz for President.

It is being reported by many conservative news outlets that the establishment has stated they will get behind Trump, if it comes down to him and Cruz.

Several months ago, I wrote a column questioning if Trump and Cruz would run together. My idea was later picked up by Fox News and Rush Limbaugh (though of course I never get credit).

Earlier today, I had another interesting thought. What if this was the plan all along? The transition that took place between Trump and Cruz occurred very rapidly. Cruz was even asked about this quick evolution in a news interview.

What if Trump and Cruz made a deal to attack each other starting in Iowa? The only way that Cruz could remain as a serious candidate is if he puts up a fight. Trump even stated this reality shortly before Cruz first began attacking him.

My thought is this: perhaps Trump and Cruz wanted to force the establishment Republicans to choose between the two of them.

If such a deal was made, this does not only prevent Cruz’s chance at being Trump’s Vice Presidential pick from being hindered (or vise versa), but it ensures that a conservative Republican presidential candidate is chosen in 2016.

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