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New_poll_offers_GOP_a-b25961a99b40f19e5fda9332b21ba173-300x225It is SO nasty out there—I don’t recall a primary season EVER this hostile—but then again, until now, we’ve always allowed the GOP to pick our candidates. And everyone knows that this year–the stakes are higher than at anytime in modern history.

The Trump-Cruz Bromance is over–in fact the likelihood of a Cruz VP now, is slim to none….and it’s time to chose a side. And I’m sure it’s no surprise I choose Trump.

Truth is – I have become a bit disillusioned with Ted Cruz…not in a hostile way, and this is not an attack—I still think he’s one of the best senators we’ve got, but since the last debate— in my humble opinion, Ted Cruz the Statesman has morphed into Ted Cruz the Politician….which I believe is the reason for his recent significant drop in the polls.

Ben-FranklinI have also found a couple unflattering clips of Ted (here and here) wherein he doesn’t want to answer direct questions about ‘amnesty’ or how his deportation system would work—and when he IS asked, he goes into full-blown lawyer mode. Lawyered up responses REALLY bother me. Also in in one of the videos, Donald is asked the exact same question…and does not hesitate with an answer.  Watch both clips.

But my overall point —the politicians don’t bother me, politicians are supposed to fight—it’s the pundits and the experts that I have a problem with—and I’m REALLY not a happy camper with one of my heroes…the Great One, Mark Levin and his Conservative Review Website.  We get into that in this episode.

Politics make people crazy…

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