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GLENN BECK’S COLLAPSING EMPIRE: Top executives leaving TheBlaze.

Caiden Cowger



For 7 years, Joseph Kerry has worked at Mercury Radio Arts, which is the official title for Glenn Beck’s production company. Kerry served as Beck’s right-hand-man, working as his Chief-of-Staff.

Kerry developed corporate systems to maintain and direct the growth of The Blaze, led corporate teams to develop programming, address growth related issues and media relations, managed large national and international events and consulting projects, led event management team for three national events and two international events, reviewed legal contracts for talent, outside partners and contractors, was responsible for maintaining and strengthening relationships with shareholders, talent, political, corporate and religious leaders and helped launch and then raise millions of dollars in capital for The Blaze.

Kerry was also responsible for leading vendor negotiations, regarding media related services. He even interfaced with CNN Headline News & Fox News teams in collaboration of The Glenn Beck TV show.

Now, Joseph Kerry is no longer associated with TheBlaze, and is instead a partner with Littlecloud Ventures, which is a marketing consulting firm.

Earlier, Chris Balfe, who was Beck’s CEO, and Joel Cheatwood, who was president and chief content officer, also left TheBlaze. Both were responsible for assisting Beck with launching TheBlaze TV.

According CNN, the two men are building a digital media company, in which they will serve are partners.

Caiden Cowger is the owner and Editor-in-Chief of Cowger Nation. Cowger also serves as the radio host of The Caiden Cowger Program. In 2015, he was named as being the "'Youngest' Syndicated Talk Personality" in the United States.

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  1. Stu

    January 25, 2016 11:24 am at 11:24 am

    People in business and corporations leave, for various reasons, all the time…and are replaced as needed.

    The whole “COLLAPSING EMPIRE” is disingenuous and nothing but hyperbole.

    • David H.

      January 25, 2016 2:22 pm at 2:22 pm

      Glenn has lost his marbles. Too much Tofu has got him thinking like a socialist, and a Globalist. He has lost his way.

      • trisha Holmeide

        January 26, 2016 4:22 pm at 4:22 pm

        Just because he recognizes Trump as a sociopathic, potentially dangerous Fascist dictator? How does that mean he is thinking “like a socialist and a globalist?”

      • Carol Petersen

        March 11, 2016 9:16 pm at 9:16 pm

        Not sure you know what a “Globalist” or “Socialist” is. Because neither of those terms apply to Glenn Beck, as you would know if you weren’t just a troll.

      • Dee

        March 13, 2016 12:22 am at 12:22 am

        He belongs to a cult

    • Robert

      January 25, 2016 2:49 pm at 2:49 pm

      I’m don’t think I’m going to be overly sad that Kerry went bye bye if he was responsible for “leading vendor negotiations regarding media related services”. That would make him responsible for making “the Blaze” website attack your computer like a machine gun with pop up advertisments and videos from those stinking vendors. If someone else is responsible for doing that, then please make them go bye, bye also.

      • pyronaught

        January 26, 2016 1:00 pm at 1:00 pm

        Indeed, The Blaze is the most obnoxious website on the net when it comes to ads and a bogged down user interface that makes it pretty much unusable without running abdlobker.

        • Hownow63

          January 30, 2016 7:01 pm at 7:01 pm

          Then don’t watch it.

          • King

            February 28, 2016 4:07 pm at 4:07 pm

            I no longer watch it. He now thinks he is a king maker

        • Carol Petersen

          March 11, 2016 9:18 pm at 9:18 pm

          I installed AdBlock and haven’t seen an ad since. It’s been about 6 months.

          • Jettson

            April 7, 2016 8:04 am at 8:04 am

            Did he kick you off when you say glen is a facist? Anyone that is not with him he kicks off. The blaze is crap

    • Anonymous

      January 25, 2016 6:12 pm at 6:12 pm

      Normally I would agree with you, but the ratings for “TheBlaze” look like a negative exponential graph.

      • Anonymous

        March 9, 2016 3:15 pm at 3:15 pm

        Where did you find these “ratings”?

    • pyronaught

      January 26, 2016 1:07 pm at 1:07 pm

      That’s true, execs often get bored easily or want to go off and start something new. That metric is not indicative of Beck losing steam, but the comments of his former fans on The Blaze articles certainly is. His anti-Trump campaign, taking the wrong side on the Brady standoff, sending goodies to illegals at the border and making statements like saying he’d rather have Bernie than Trump recently is ticking off his base and they are leaving. I was a fan once too, and I see the same things that ticked me off driving away many others.

    • Frank Parker

      January 26, 2016 5:35 pm at 5:35 pm

      I guess Trump knows things we do not eh?

    • ThisGuy

      March 10, 2016 8:07 pm at 8:07 pm

      I like how the editor of a wannabe blaze website smears the competition… Very Trump like actually.

    • Angel

      March 11, 2016 5:57 pm at 5:57 pm

      I don’t see a story here. There is no substance to refer to this as a story. Why does someone think I should read this?

    • wdm

      March 22, 2016 4:53 pm at 4:53 pm

      Beck is a wreck.

    • Jim

      April 30, 2016 2:48 pm at 2:48 pm

      Beck’s empire has continued to crumble. He made a huge mistake by endorsing Cruz and spending his time travelling around the country with him like a groupie. Beck himself admits he has burned half a million dollars following Cruz. Here’s an article that talks more about Beck and Cruz: It is rarely smart for a talk show host to endorse a candidate. Cause the opponents become disenchanted and tune out. Beck probably lost many of Trump’s supporters though his Cruz support. Not smart.

  2. Robert

    January 25, 2016 2:34 pm at 2:34 pm

    There must be a few missing pages to this article that outline the part about “how” Glenn Beck’s empire is collapsing. Just saying three important guys happened to quit doesn’t really mean much. Now say, Stu, Pat, and Fat all quit at the same time, leaving Glenn to do his radio show solo. That might be saying something about the imminent “collapse” of the empire of “pure evil”. Otherwise, there’s these things called “numbers and dollars” that are available to document whether Glenn Beck’s “Evil Empire” is “collapsing” or “continuing to grow and expand” like a plague across the verdant, Liberal, Progressive, Utopian, Media Bubble with hundreds of employees. If you’re not familiar with finding things called “statistics”, I’m sure you could email Stu and he could help you out with that.

  3. David H.

    January 25, 2016 8:11 pm at 8:11 pm

    When You start posting fake tweets, and making stuff up, your name as a news network is toast. The Blaze has lost its spark, and its credibility. Two words for Glenn Beck. “Dan Rather”. Hence the departures of people who know the ship is sinking.

  4. MIke

    January 25, 2016 9:24 pm at 9:24 pm

    Stu is probably right, and is supporting his friend and business partner.

    As a huge Beck fan, in the past, I’m sure there are many like me who no longer listen. I miss the Beck who taught about things going on in the world that I had no idea about. When he was on Fox I would try to get home at 3:00 PM MST to watch is show. Now, I occasionally catch his show, only on the radio, but ALWAYS turn if off because he ALWAYS goes after Trump, without fail. I’m not even a Trump fan, I want Cruz, but I grew so tired of the Trump bashing months ago, that as soon as at it starts, I turned off the radio. Now, I don’t even try listening to Beck.

    Bottom line is I thought I knew who Beck was. Even though we had never met, I saw him as a like minded friend. Now, I don’t know who Beck is – I really don’t. He has sent so many mixed messages over the last few years, I really don’t know who he is and what he stands for.

    To me it would not be a surprise if his “empire” started falling. I’m afraid he has become more concerned with his empire than the truth and what is right.

    Maybe he needs friend like Stu to bring him back to his roots, and those that helped make Beck.

    • Rob

      January 26, 2016 8:20 am at 8:20 am

      Spot on analysis, Mike! I couldn’t have expressed my sad, divorce from a man I have listened to for 10’s of thousands of hours. Farewell Glen, you crossed over and lost me and many of my friends.

      • Amy Arend

        April 16, 2016 4:07 pm at 4:07 pm

        Amen Rob. Good Bye to the Glenn Beck I thought I knew.

    • Stu

      January 26, 2016 10:16 am at 10:16 am

      Hi Mike, just a note. I’m not the “Stu” on the show that’s a long time friend of Beck. I’ve never met the man.

      I have listened to him and watched him while he was on CNN & FOX. I enjoyed the “chalk board” and the way he tied things together that no one else seemed to be connecting, much less, talk about.

      I’m not sure what people are referring to when they say he’s gone too far. I still see the man that champions the Constitution and conservative principles and speaks out against progressives on both sides.

      Yes, he’s been concentrating more on Trump. Should that be a surprise given that it’s the start of the Caucus process?

      As a conservative myself, I don’t understand the thinking of others on the Right and consider themselves conservatives, that have flocked to Trump. I think as much attention to his past (recent past) and an analysis of his comments and seemingly lack of policy and a more “say what I think the crowd wants to hear” is important to hear and discuss and debate. And will continue to be so as long as Trump is in the race for the Presidency.

      I personally do not want Trump to be my President. I simply don’t trust him. I think he will always do what’s best for himself and “maybe” what’s best for the Country second or third or forth…

      As a conservative and someone who values the Constitution and limited government, I’d much prefer someone who’s studied this issues and defended them all his life. Not someone who changes their stance on these things on a dime or as the political/social wind blows.

      No surprise, I’m for Ted Cruz.

      Glenn’s not perfect, and he did become highly emotional there for a while for my tastes, but he also was going through some fairly serious health issues that I’m sure effected him and weighed on his mental and emotional state.

      He seems to be much better to me. But I only listen to his morning show. So maybe I’m missing some things on his tv show.

      Anyway, just wanted to share a few things and mention that I have no personal connection to Beck, I just enjoy and agree with a lot (not all) of his opinions and observations.

      Best Regards,


      • David H.

        January 26, 2016 11:58 am at 11:58 am

        So, an outsider will not make a good president, is what you are saying. What you want is a politician who is going to maintain the Status quo, and not shake things up. We have voted enough politicians into office, only to have them do absolutely nothing except favors for their big business donors. Finally, we have a candidate that does NOT owe anyone any favors and is self funded, and listens to the voters, and you put him down for that, saying his opinions are blowing in the wind of popular opinion??? You really are used to being deceived aren’t you. It was Donald Trump that was brave enough to say we have an immigration problem in this country. Being in the building industry I deal with this daily. So has Donald Trump. He intrinsically understands all the problems that illegal and even over extension of legal immigration and work visas are doing to the American middle class. And I am not a bigot for saying this, this is fact.

        Donald Trump is the one that said we should suspend Muslim immigrants from coming to the country UNTIL we can figure out how to vet them better. This is common sense. Carter did this with Iranians in the 70’s. The U.S. did this with Germans and Japanese during WWII. The common estimate is that about 5-10% of Muslims are extremist Jihadists. Well for every one hundred that are allowed to enter without proper vetting that is one to two terrorist cells per 100 people. And our president wants to admit hundreds of thousands from Syria alone????? This makes no sense whatsoever, unless you are desiring to create chaos on the streets in order to exert more military controls and marshall law, just like they are doing now in Paris. Did you know they are still under marshall law there??? Am I a conspiracy nut? NO. I study history though, and do not want to repeat that totalitarian history again. Order out of chaos is the saying, but what they fail to add is that the order comes at the expense of liberty and human rights. I will not support that. Ted Cruz, and Now Glenn Beck are starting to show their true colors and do so. Supporting TPP, and Open Borders are just the beginning of their globalist agenda. This is BIG government at its worst, with no checks and balances or constitution to protect the citizens of this country. And you say hat Ted Cruz is a small government conservative!!

        Please, reconsider, before its too late. Perhaps it is too late already, and Trump will not be able to do what he says, but at least he will try, and do what it takes to make this country great again. It begins with borders, language and culture, as Michael Savage likes to say. Then it moves to liberty and the constitution. If you value your freedom, you will fight for it, but if you take it for granted, you will lose it. This is not about bigotry, or racism or anti immigration, Its about national sovereignty from world governance. This is the battle field of tomorrow.

        • pyronaught

          January 26, 2016 1:21 pm at 1:21 pm

          Exactly. Trump is the only guy who can’t be bought off because there isn’t enough money to do it. Trump has already shown himself to be immune to political correctness and media criticism, something no other candidate has. He stands by his words even when it costs him money, such as when speaking the truth on the criminal behavior of illegals caused several businesses to stop selling his line of clothes or whatever it was. Did he back down and backtrack like all the other spineless twits who cower in fear of being called “racist?” No, he is immune to that PC manipulation and the left now knows it. Trump will be a political wrecking ball that the establishment GOP and media won’t be able to control and they both know it– which is why they are united to try and stop him. Unfortunately Glenn Beck is also united in that fight, although I think in his case it is just his ego got hurt when Trump pointed out the very thing we are discussing here– which is Glenn’s decline in recent years.

        • trisha Holmeide

          January 26, 2016 5:34 pm at 5:34 pm

          David–while I appreciate your well reasoned approach and your passion you have completely lost me on a couple of points–#1. Who said Trump is an outsider? He has admitted boldly he has partaken of “insider” deals and the corruption that is going on in WA DC. When asked how he knew there was corruption going on he said, (and my jaw dropped open listening), “Simple, I pay them what they want and they do what I tell them to do.” That was from his first debate! Okay, so we have a man willing to throw his money around to get votes for things he wants and to hell with their constiuents as long as he gets what he wants.

          Then, I heard him plainly bragging about how he was going to “force” American businesses to return to the US and help us “make this country great again.” Later when asked how he would accomplish that he raised his proverbial eyebrow and said, “they don’t want to know what I will do to them if they don’t cooperate.” So, we have a man willing to sue force and making threatening comments about how he will make them bend to his will. Seriously, Trump was sounding more like Obama or some of the other wicked dictators throughout the centuries than a man who respects the “rule of law” and understand the precious freedoms Americans are entitled to enjoy under the constitution. As to listening to the voters I can say, I care not a wit as to what the people say they want for they are oft times fickle and ever more ignorant in their desires as time goes by–it is to our constitution, not the people, our president and Congress owe their allegiance. In being true to the constitution they are preserving the order and decency and liberty the founders intended for this and future generations. If all we want is a populist in office we can compare one populist’s promises with another and get on board with the one that promises what we want the most. But, if we want to preserve the constitution and know and understand that to be our only line of defense between tyranny and liberty then we need to look at the education, and choices a candidate makes that hold true to constitutional values and principles–their past voting records help us se where they have taken appropriate stands to uphold the constitution even in adversity against all odds. Trumps record is one of business minded expediency which leads him to champion one thing and another without any consistency–without taking any principled stand for or against anything. He is morally bereft and places his own business profits ahead of all else–regardless whom he hurts or gets in his way. That’s why he has been able to bribe politicians to declare imminent domain and get land for next to nothing throwing hundreds of people out of their homes without their choosing in order to build one or the other of his business ventures. then when it doesn’t work out to his advantage declaring bankruptcy leaving hundreds of other businesses holding the bag that have to raise their prices on the consumers to make up for it–not to mention leaving communities without their former tax base putting a greater burden on the other members of the community to make up for those deficits. So, how are those the actions of a conservative candidate who will do what this nation needs to have happen?

          If you were or are in construction I’m quite frankly amazed at your stance against the illegals since there are hundreds of contractors hiring illegals every day of the week–not because they provide cheap labor but because they actually show up for work and are not high on cocaine and do a great job. Most building contractors are all for some sort of program that would let them stay in the US and continue working for them.

          Then you tout and justify Trump’s position on immigration with the confinement of Japanese and German citizens during WWII which was one of the most unconstitutional offensive and repugnant episodes in American history! So, I am left to wonder if president Trump determined Irish citizens, or Black citizens etc could possibly pose a danger to society in the future would he likewise, with your adamant approval try to round those populations up and putting them behind fences too?

          Almost nothing Mr. Trump stand for convinces me he has any interest or dedication to the principles and values that made this country great beyond the opportunity to grow wealth–and even that he is not into playing fair and square with potential competition as the free enterprise system was designed, but would rather short circuit things with bribes to get his own advantages. That is not what will save this country, David. It might temporarily save us economically, but not if Trump is willing to exchange our sovereignty for it just to make a deal.

          In my mind, Trump is a narcissistic Fascist–one who fancies himself the smartest in the room and doesn’t need to play by the rules in order to get his way and make things happen. He is just find with crushing people and communities to get what he wants and doesn’t care about the long term consequences of his choices as long as he comes out on top. He wants to ruthlessly dictate to the American people the same way he ruthlessly dictates to his paid lackeys. If I had owned the company that installed that state of the art microphone (when he was too stupid to speak into it from at least four inches which made it start ringing) I would have done exactly what Glenn Beck said he’d do–come and packed it up and left as soon as he went into his rant denigrating my work and my equipment and threatening not to pay for either. He is a Bully of the worst sort throwing his weight around thrusting insults left and right at anyone for nothing more than questioning his policies when he refuses to discuss the issues or give any in depth understanding of his over all plans. All he seemingly knows how to do is shout one-liners and can barely articulate a complete sentence without self-adulation and lobbing attacks instead of generating realistic, constitutionally effective solutions to our problems. That is not what makes for a great leader for our nation–but does, give us a reason to fear what he may try to do when and if he ever gets into office. I for one am pleased with the prospects.

          • David H.

            January 26, 2016 9:48 pm at 9:48 pm

            I Understand that you do not like his personality. He is an arrogant man, and most women have trouble with this type of man. This is why most of his biggest critics are women, form Megan Kelly to Hillary Clinton. In this day and age, women are not used to the strong opinionated male personality, and part of this is due to the feminization of this country. But on the reverse of this, some of his greatest proponents are also women. (Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter) Read Link below.

            What you are failing to see, is who is uniting to destroy Trump. Conservatives such as Beck and the Liberal MSM. There is another agenda at work here, which is the globalist agenda. This is the real reason why The repulocrats have done nothing in congress. Because they support the globalist agenda. Ask yourself this question. Which is more dangerous, a government that is restrained by the constitution, or a world government where we have as much say as the Iranian Khomeini? This is the real battle that is going on now. We all need to wake up to this, before it is too late, because if we lose this battle the constitution will only be a historical relic with no power behind it. Again, I do not know if Trump can do anything to stop this, it may be too late already. But I know he will try, and he has begun to make those moves already to get the people behind his run. But so many believe the lies being written about him, that they are unable to see what is going on. You think eminent domain is a problem, then wait till you see what the globalist climate agenda entails. But I know I won’t convince you to change your mind. You must do that yourself. Do not listen to the pundits out there, go and listen to the source. Then you will know his policies, and plans. Use your own mind, and do not be a vacuum sucking the media spin to form your opinion. Your comment is full of the medias lies about Trump right now.
            God Bless

            • Scott M

              January 27, 2016 6:18 pm at 6:18 pm

              On what planet is Glen Beck a globalist? He rants ad nauseum about the coming crisis of one-world government and antichrist. He has spent the past decade carefully instructing his audience about the Progressive agenda on both the left and right side of the aisle. He was the loudest voice in any media speaking out against striking a deal with Iran. You’re talking out of your arse saying Beck is a globalist.

              I’m a 39 yr old red-blooded American male who agrees 100% with every point Trisha made about Trump’s record. He is a pandering opportunist with well-documented fascistic tendencies. Despite your attempt to excuse Trisha’s opinion away as somehow emotionally based or linked to her gender, every point she made is factual, well-founded and spot on. Nobody is fooled by your thinly veiled misogyny.

              • David H.

                January 28, 2016 12:50 pm at 12:50 pm

                I did not dismiss Trisha’s view point. I said it is based on delusions put forth by the MSM.
                As for Glenn Beck, he has changed since his Fox news days. I used to listen to him all the time. He lost me when he started to promote his Mormon view of archeology on his fox news show. All of which is pseudo archeology. When this occurred, I saw him for the Shill which he is. Since then he has done nothing to dissuade that opinion. He says one thing to make the conservative think he is on their side, then he will sneak his “heresy” in there to get you to believe the lies. So, yes Glenn has brought up such things as Agenda 21, and the U.N, but he also supports the Popes attempts to unify religions, and is a supporter of the TPP along with Ted Cruz. These are globalist views. He also went against trump on borders, meaning he is an open borders supporter…again, a globalist agenda.
                The mistake we cannot make now, is to put another globalist in office. Donald Trump is the only one that is standing up for Borders language and culture. You, Like Trisha need to listen to the other side before making up your mind. the Problem is, there are so few out there showing you the real Trump. Michael Savage is about the only one along with Ann Coulter. Otherwise our sovereignty as a nation will be gone. Does this even bother you? Here is a link to Savage’s program from yesterday. Try listening to it for a change of pace. He speaks about Trump therein as well as other topics.
                There was a rapper back in the 90’s when I listened to that sort of music, who said in his songs “don’t believe the hype”. That is what all of you are doing who are merely regurgitating the media spin about who Donald Trump is. You are being deceived on a Grand scale.
                Is Donald Trump a Fascist? No, he is a person that micromanages his businesses and does so effectively. This is how he will run the country as well. This is what Great business owners do, and Great presidents as well. Is this Totalitarianism? NO. Because Totalitarianism is about dictate, whereas micromanagement is about managing. Managing is all about putting the right people in the right places to do their job the right way, instead of putting your croneys and supporters in your offices that know nothing about what they are doing. For example, putting Holder in as the attorney general, only to have him push his agenda of disarming the American people via fast and furious, or the guy from Goldman Sachs to be the fed chief. This is what we will get with Ted Cruz. More of the same croney capitalism. Yes Ted has stood up for conservative principals. But it is easy to stand up and make a lot of noise and not get anything done. It is another to turn the whole tide of the country away from a concept such as globalism. That is what Donald trump has done in a couple of months of campaigning.

        • Donna

          March 9, 2016 10:03 pm at 10:03 pm

          I’m with you David. I’m for TRUMP 100% no wavering! We used watch Beck and liked his Program but the Radio show, Pat N Stu show are lousy!
          Since the TRUMP bashing started last summer and with the other show sucking so badly, we shut it off!
          Beck seems to be a bit mental also
          So enough of the Blaze, fear mongering and TRUMP bashing. That ended it for us.
          Honestly I don’t know how he’s gonna be able to continue. When the BIG guys START leaving. He should be worried.
          I believe the Blaze won’t last. JMO

      • Hownow63

        January 30, 2016 7:31 pm at 7:31 pm

        Stu, I appreciate your comment. It was the honourable thing to do. I have met Glenn several times, and he is the kindest, most gentle and genuine person I’ve ever come in contact with. When one is talking to him, one feels as though you and he are the only people in the room. He has had a lot of health issues, and I imagine that the immense weight of running several companies that employ scores of people is quite heavy. That, plus having a family and always having to be on alert because of the many people who wish him ill must put a strain on him. Sometimes employees and employers separate. There are many reasons for that and we aren’t privy to them. I prefer not to speculate and instead am just glad that Glenn’s voice of reason is still there…even if he sniffles now and then.

    • King

      February 28, 2016 4:10 pm at 4:10 pm

      Mike I am with you 100%

    • Kurt

      April 28, 2016 7:35 pm at 7:35 pm

      Spot on. I feel exactly the same. It’s like I lost a good friend.

    • Craig Storms

      May 3, 2016 3:31 pm at 3:31 pm

      Listener since 98 …. When Pat came aboard full-time things went down hill.. When he tried to start his own religion with the 7’s stuff I knew it was going to be over soon. I think when the truth comes out about Beck we will all be shocked even further .

  5. Rick

    January 26, 2016 8:15 am at 8:15 am

    Funny, I no longer listen to Rush or Sean,–or watch FOX News,–because it has been All Trump–All the time–All day–Everyday…. The world also includes the United States, and I want to know about temperament, character, consistency, record, regard for the Constitution, progressive mindset, Conservative principles etc…..——with ALL these candidates who would be President, and leader of the free world. That’s a lot going on in my world, and I’m glad someone ( Glenn) is making those attempts to inform and educate…..

  6. Anonymous

    January 26, 2016 4:31 pm at 4:31 pm


    • trisha Holmeide

      January 26, 2016 5:57 pm at 5:57 pm

      And, you are God’s messenger, now? Wow, talk about someone who has lost his mind!

  7. Lizzy

    January 26, 2016 4:32 pm at 4:32 pm


  8. Terri

    January 26, 2016 5:33 pm at 5:33 pm


    There are great men in this country still. I see that the only way great men individualy can straighten this mess out, is to come together. One man is great in one way and another in his own. The only way I can see us winning in America is to take Trump and Cruz, Cruz Trump in 2016-2017 together. We need them both at the top. Rand Paul is another great one. Just maybe we need to vote for a new title Presvice on one ballot. We need them both not destroy them both. We can stay great only that way. America the great one for back to back.

  9. Terri

    January 26, 2016 6:00 pm at 6:00 pm

    IN my opinion of the current great men on the stage of the worlds viewing as follows:

    I seen Glen as still great but stuck. He is trying to be faithful to his religion in the root of his mind.However those the economy hits hardest for now under the obam want to see it turn away from the negative downturn. They want to feel the basic security of food water shelter and security. They want to be able to defend their selves and have the faith they knew pulled them through so many times before in their lives and they want all this together. So he is stuck with tunnel vision who cares so deeply. Just stuck without his beautiful creativeness for solutions.

    I see Trump as the business part economy upswing and keeping our free speech. He has logic as does Cruz and Rand but I do believe no man is an island as Obam has believed of hisself and got us all in trouble trouble. I feel Trumps ego at many times is more important to him then the America we have known. We need solution people t o g e t h e r. solid and strong back to back.

    I see Cruz as the anchor the roots that held us together when nothing else is left, character, dignity and the fight that is the bottom line right of survival of the constitution. The calmness in a storm, which we seem to have massive storms of one sort of another since the obam is in charge. We need to keep our base and roots no matter what they are. He is a wonderful light.

    Just imagine what they could do for us for America T O G E T H E R!

  10. triskaideka

    February 9, 2016 11:19 pm at 11:19 pm

    Hello, This year is a difficult year to chose a leader. We have a current leader who is not a leader or even a follower, he is somewhere in between and we knoweth not where he goeth. Jeb Bush is the “establishment” and unfortunately his father and brother have tarnished our minds to what he will be as president…sure he speaks well, but he will not do what it takes to fix our country, he is worried about his name and his legacy. Marco Rubio is a young spitfire, who will win the latino vote for the GOP, he will probably win some of the women vote also because of his age and pleasant features. I thought he would be the “chosen one”, but he as Anakin Skywalker has done, has shown his true colors with the “Gang of Eight”, and his journey to the dark side of the “establishment”. I have no idea how the liberal Ohio Gov. Kasich is taking 1/6 of the vote in New Hamphire. I was not impressed with anything he said in any of his debates, in fact many were falling over him last Saturday Night…for what???, for Compromise on the border and Immigration ? Gov. Christie is a RINO, and besides, I am sorry…I am watching my weight to, but the last time the United States elected an overweight man was President Taft, and he got stuck in his tub (more than once). Dr. Carson is a decent man, and probably the most honest man we have had run for president in over 50 years…I believe the last one was Ike…I liked Ike. Anyway, I wish Dr. Carson the best, and do not understand why the “black vote” will not vote for him like they fawned over Obama….oh yes, because he is a TRUE CONSERVATIVE…he is a role model for ALL LIVES THAT MATTER. I have a picture of Dr. Carson on my desk at home that his peeps sent me about 6 months ago. I will probably vote for Dr. Carson if he is still in the Texas Primary race. Ms. Fiorina, I was unsure about her until I heard her speak. I am sorry, I am just being honest…I do not think we are ready for a Female President yet, I really like her, and hope she gets an appointment somewhere in the cabinet, and maybe she can run in a few cycles…I would truly pay to see a debate between Carly and Hillary. Rick Santorum, well I voted for him in the primaries twice, and twice he dropped out, he has changed a bit, and it is a shame because he also is a very good and honest man, if he sits out for 12 years, and comes back older and wiser, we may be ready for him. This leaves Mr. Cruz, and Mr. Trump. I like what both of them say…in fact, since I was a child, I had hoped to run for President in 2020…I would call it “the year of vision”…and now it is only one election away. Here are my platforms. 1) National Security: Seal the borders shut, build a wall using Telephone poles (3 deep and offset)… Many telephone companies could donate the unused poles to the border as the wires are moved underground…same with the electric companies… we have many companies in Texas that make these poles..I know of one in Jasper County. These poles will last for well over 100 years and at 3 deep offset would be 2.5 ft thick. They are 20 feet high, and 10+ feet in the ground. We would place sharpshooter towers every 300 meters…yes it can work (and don’t get offended, no one has to be shot or killed). All border travel would cease for 30 days after the completion of the wall, while the “cleanse” would begin…anyway I digress. 2) Social Security: All paying citizens over the age of 50 would continue as normal in hopes the money would be there, the rest would be offered a payout at a % to invest as they see fit, or stay put as it were. All paying citizens under the age of 30, would get back 50% of what they put in to Social Security to do with what they want…nobody under 30 years old would remain in the system. It is not the government’s responsibility to take care of us, and should not be doing so. We need to be will be a tough journey, but it has to be done….Oh yes, included in this is the curbing of welfare. This will be returned to the local bouroughs and counties…not the state or federal government…this will cut down on misuse and cheating. 3) Along with this, the IRS will be eliminated, as a flat tax goes into effect. NEW TAX FORMS. How much did you make?, deduct $35,000 from your total. This is your taxed amount. the Government is taking no more than 8% (God is allowed 10%..the gov’t is not God) of your earned income, pay it. Oh, by the way, property taxes are eliminated, and a new sales tax on all goods (ALL GOODS) sold is issued…oh by the is only 4%…ensuring that all citizens and non-citizens are paying their fair share of taxes. There are other items to fix, as well as Defense, Budget, Education, and many more, but I will tell you what…this would make a great start. Oh for you naysayers that think the flat tax is a bad idea. A certain person making $50,000, will wind up paying property taxes on a home at the tune of $2000+ a year, income tax at least $500 a year (with many deductions and a family), SS tax of at least $3800 if medicare is included..that is without purchasing a single item, he is paying $6300. If this were to go through, $50000-$35000 = $15000 x .08 = $1200. I do not think he will spend $120000 on good and services in a year’s time…and if he does he is still better off ($4800)..which only totals $6000. If everyone pays their fair share (equal % share), the gov will have so much money. Anyway, Mr Cruz and Mr. Trump. You both seem to be the closest ones who could handle my way to fix America. Mr. Trump, I know you are a fiscal conservative, but you are not (from what I know) a moral conservative, but you may be what we need for 4 years or eight. Mr. Cruz, I admire you and what you have done in your career, but our country is worried about politicians…(yes we know Trump is a political figure), you need to stand your ground, be honest, stick to your “guns” and pray that our country will elect a true conservative. I am a US Army Reserve member, a School Teacher of 20+ years, a coach, a married man with 3 children, hablo espanol, I am American born and made, conservative and Christian raised. I am far from perfect as we humans are, I enjoy the environment, but love my car. If I could run for President, I would, I am a blue collar worker as well as off-white, I have dug ditches, and clerked gas stations at night. I use coupons, and check prices, I pinch pennies but have vices. I keep in shape and maybe quote Yoda, but still enjoy potatoes and drink Texas Soda(Dr. Pepper)….Anyway, this is our country, and we can win it back…we will not go quietly in to the night, we will survive, we will fight…Lets be ready this year for our Independence Day…love that speech…happy to hear it on Sunday. Thank you for reading…

    • Jen

      February 24, 2016 1:45 am at 1:45 am

      You ^^ write eloquently and I’m totally impressed with your talent and common sense. If you have a blog, I would love to follow you. My son is a geopolitical writer (Libertarian) and he writes clean and concise. Thank you for such a thoughtful post. Keep writing. We need more like you.

  11. SJ

    March 6, 2016 1:07 am at 1:07 am

    I stopped listening/watching Beck a while ago. While he was at Foxnews he seemed to lose his edge. It just seemed like the leftist taunts and name calling got to him and he started to become more and more pc. It’s like he wanted to be the next Gandhi or MLK and wanted everyone to hold hands and sing kumbaya. Someone had mentioned the crazy mormon archaeology shows which also began to drive me away. It doesn’t surprise me that he’s anti Trump because he turned into a politically correct wimp a long time ago. A friend told me the other day that Beck had said if Trump is elected, people will be begging to have Obama back. Speaks volumes! That’s all you need to know about Glenn Beck and why he has become irrelevant.

  12. kevin

    March 7, 2016 2:43 am at 2:43 am

    Glenn was my hero; a real rational voice in the wilderness for many years. I chose t.v. providers based on the blaze, watched him everyday on fox before GBTV. He was a teacher, and informative and inspirational.

    Now in the past year (especially last 7 months) he has become a ” preacher” , not teacher– he fancies himself a prophet, and/or shepherd of “his” flock.

    He now believes his “sheep” will die without strict adherence to his proselytizing and doctrinaire approach to politics. Pretty condescending, and a big change from someone who really believed in his “smart”, “free thinking”, viewers before.

    Trump is ruining “the blaze” and the show and costing Glenn loyal viewers, and Trump is never physically present or interviewed. Wake up Glenn, Pat, Stu, — before you allow Trump to cost you more credibility with your audience.

    Geez…..we get it– you like Cruz; you don’t like Trump. Enough already. Preparing to cancel my dish t.v. and go to something else unless things change. Many friends feel the same.

    And…Glenn, this negative “Trump obsession” is costing many of your supporters, and advocates, credibility who have taken heat and backed you for years. You don’t see it — get some distance and some perspective before it is too late to come back.

  13. Atticus

    March 8, 2016 10:52 pm at 10:52 pm

    Unfortunately for many of us, Glenn has become “Howard Beale” from the movie “Network”.

  14. Tom Elmore

    March 11, 2016 9:10 pm at 9:10 pm

    A great reality may well have caught up with Mr. Beck – as it did with Winston Churchill, who quipped – “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

    Massively strange to me that those who have consistently elected the trouble-makers who’ve put the nation where it is today think that “this time, their votes will fix it all…..”

  15. R. Magic Brow

    March 16, 2016 10:21 am at 10:21 am

    Beck’s vision of Internet TV has worked.
    So much so, the gang from Google went to him to discover why. Those on the left have been predicting his demise for years and every year he continues to prove you wrong.

    Give it up guys, it has become obvious the man scares those of you on the left else you wouldn’t work so hard at smearing him. He’s earned his place in entertainment history.

    How ?

    He changed the paradigm of content delivery so much so others are following.
    Where as leftest ventures like Current TV owned by Al Gore and left leaning Aljazeera America and let’s not even get into MSNBC shows.

    So keep going guys, keep recognizing what you’re doing is not working.

  16. Pingback: ‘THEY’ KNEW it would come to this… Why do you think the CAMPS were built? – Real News Now

  17. Pingback: ‘THEY’ KNEW It Would Come To This… Why Do You Think The CAMPS Were Built? | The Truth Will Prevail | Unify News

  18. Anonymous

    March 27, 2016 2:22 pm at 2:22 pm

    Beck is toast.
    I will never respect what come out of his mouth, ever again !!!!
    It is shameful how he is attacking and LYING about, OUR CHOICE.

  19. Pingback: Beck’s Empire Collapses with Cruz: falling ratings, Malware on The Blaze, bankruptcy soon? – The politic manager


    April 22, 2016 7:18 pm at 7:18 pm

    What if the manufacturer states inaccurate minimum system requirements on the
    box and as a result the game runs horribly on your system.
    Dark Forces was one of few FPS games that touched the magnificence of
    Doom. What I mean by that is the console versions are dummed down because
    of graphical limitations and what not.

  21. Chris Branson

    April 28, 2016 9:42 pm at 9:42 pm

    Is there more to this article? I thought there would be something about Beck’s collapsing empire. All I see is an executive moving on to another job.

  22. Chris Branson

    April 28, 2016 9:46 pm at 9:46 pm

    I found a real story about the departure:

    Thanks for wasting my time, hack.

  23. J Wood

    April 30, 2016 6:28 am at 6:28 am

    Beck has totally lost it, and he thinks he’ll just get listeners back. he won’t, so like Cruz and his Mystical Trip where Cruz gets voters from OZ? Beck has become delusional. There are no “other” folks for you to draw from Glen. You really blew it boy.

  24. Pingback: Beck’s Empire Collapses with Cruz: falling ratings, Malware on The Blaze, bankruptcy soon? | Prntly | America's Top New Site

  25. RM

    September 15, 2016 5:07 pm at 5:07 pm

    I used to listen to Glen Beck non-stop from radio to the Blaze but no more. In fact, when Glen Beck was telling a story and crying with passion I would stop what I was doing just to catch his words. As far as changing this country to a more conservative and God fearing nation involves baby steps of doing things that are right and sincere. Using words like crap and so forth comments, and then you pray at the end of your show. “What an example”! The Blaze could have been a good news organization with some creditable people breaking news stories, interviews, and I believe it almost was; but then something happened. I get it with the black board but you’re not going to get a fire breathing fundamentalist pastor for president. You think liberal news people and organizations would vote for such a person? Beck should have fashioned his Empire after Fox News, or News Max or the 700 Club. Instead you have grown men sitting in a fake oval office rehashing news and events. Are Pat and Stu real journalists? At the very least, at least have some dialog with the listeners and guests that are liberal and of course conservative. Not going to waste my time with him ever again.

  26. L Garou

    December 5, 2016 10:29 pm at 10:29 pm

    The Pillsbury Know-It-All-Boy!

  27. Gadsden

    December 5, 2016 11:12 pm at 11:12 pm

    Hey Beck, how are those acting lessons going so you can shed crocodile tears at will? You are a lying huckster, you are exposed and you are paying the price.

    Beck goes and sucks up to Zioberg and the rest of the globalist elitist scum at their “summit” to try to assure his continued rewards. Didn’t work, did it Becko? He is a sellout and a traitor to any notion of this free republic.

    What else can you expect from a libtard radio host who jumped the fence and became a so-called “conservative?”

    Beck is exposed as the fraud he is and it is just so very entertaining to watch his little ship surely taking on water and sinking to the bottom accompanied by the decaying trash globalist legacy alphabet lamestream media.

  28. FredX

    August 9, 2017 8:31 pm at 8:31 pm

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    website. You can earn additional bucks easily, search
    on youtube for: how to earn selling articles

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    February 17, 2018 4:57 am at 4:57 am

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Mainstream Media

THE GAY BUNCH; America’s Top LGBT Mainstream News and Entertainment Reporters

George Lujack



Many LGBTs who work in the mainstream media claim to be objective reporters, but due to their sexual orientation they cannot help but be biased. And, unlike what they would say, people who are gay are living a perverted lifestyle. Their agenda, whether openly stated or privately held, is to continue to move America away from a traditional monogamous heterosexual marriage nation and transform it into one liberated from such restraints.

As the mainstream media loves to report on the sex lives of politicians, using unconfirmed, real, and conjured up stories, this article will report on the confirmed sex lives and orientations of America’s most recognized LGBT news and entertainment reporters.


Robin Roberts is the anchor newswoman of ABC’s “Good Morning America.” Roberts first publicly acknowledged her lesbianism when she began dating Amber Laign, a massage therapist, in 2005. Many Americans start their mornings with news commentary coming from lesbian Robin Roberts.


Anderson Cooper is a host of CNN, “Anderson Cooper 360,” and “Anderson Live.” Cooper officially announced that he was gay in 2012, but up until then, many presumed that he was. The title of one of Anderson’s shows, “Anderson Cooper 360,” suggests that some time ago, Anderson made a 360-degree turn in his sexual orientation. Mr. Anderson is no Neo, nor is he the only ‘one’ using his media position to promote the anti-heterosexual, anti-traditional family agenda, and the Democrat Party in general. During the 2016 presidential campaign, acting as a Democrat operative, Cooper admonished then Republican nominee Donald Trump for a recording in which Trump said that he kissed women without consent and groped women by their genitals. Cooper then went on to accuse Trump of sexual assault. Trump said that he was embarrassed by his words on the tape and described them as “locker room talk.” Cooper’s hypocrisy was shown afterward when a video surfaced of him stealing a kiss from pop star Madonna, without first asking for her consent, and then bragging that he just kissed Madonna. Furthermore, every anal intercourse sex act Cooper does with his boyfriend(s) is a case of sexual assault via an act of sodomy.


Don Lemon, CNN host. Lemon officially announced that he was gay in 2011. There hasn’t been a day gone by in which Lemon-head hasn’t bashed Donald Trump or hasn’t promoted the narrative that America is a racist, homophobic country. Lemon is not as well known for his reporting as he is for being the FAKE NEWS poster boy. President Trump has singled out CNN and Don Lemon, calling them both FAKE NEWS, a label which has stuck. Lemon has cut off speakers and has walked off the CNN studio on a few occasions when invited guests have accused him of creating fake news stories.


Rachel Maddow of MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show.” The Mad Cow is up front, open, and proud of being a lesbian. She has the look of a dorky female Fonzie with her man-cut hairstyle and oversized eyeglasses. It may be hard to imagine, but Maddow once had the looks of a feminine woman, as her high school yearbook picture attests. Maddow often discusses LGBT topics on her show, while promoting a far left sociopolitical agenda. Maddow infamously made a complete fool of herself when she announced that she had a smoking gun, Donald Trump’s tax returns, and then went on to reveal that she had obtained a partial copy of his old 2005 tax returns, in which Trump earned $150 million and paid $38 million in taxes. Trump’s son Donald Jr. afterward tweeted, thanking Maddow for showing the world that Trump is a successful businessman who pays his taxes.


Steve Kornacki is a co-host of MSNBC’s “The Cycle,” political journalist, and writer. In 2011 Kornacki announced that he was gay, and presumably into male cornholes, in a column at


Jane Velez-Mitchell of HLN. Velez-Mitchell, host of “Issues With Jane Velez-Mitchell,” and former host of the now cancelled “Jane Velez-Mitchell Show,” came out as a lesbian in 2007. Velez-Mitchell often appears on Nancy Grace’s “Headline News” and does commentary for CNN and E! Mitchell does have issues.


Thomas Roberts is a news anchor for MSNBC. Roberts anchored “Live with Thomas Roberts,” until the show cancelled in 2016, but not before winning an Emmy Award for its coverage of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on legalizing gay marriage. Roberts also hosted “Out There with Thomas Roberts,” a weekly show dedicated to promoting LGBT equality. Yes, Roberts is certainly ‘out there.’


Susan ‘Suze’ Orman is the host of CNBC’s “The Suze Orman Show,” and is an author, financial advisor, and motivational speaker. With a reported $35 million net worth as of 2018, no one can argue that being a lesbian hampers anyone from becoming rich. Orman has made a career out of giving financial advice and she surely knows good monetary strategies, yet she is a supporter of the Democrat Party and their disastrous economic policies. She supported President Obama and donated to and supported Hillary Clinton in her failed presidential bid.


Perez Hilton is a blogger for, a columnist, and television personality. Hilton is perhaps the most well known openly gay person in America. At age 39, his net worth was estimated to be $30 million, which goes to show the widespread acceptance of homosexuality in America, despite gays’ claims that they are stigmatized and persecuted on American soil.


RuPaul Andres Charles is an American drag queen, actor, author, model, singer, songwriter, and television personality. RuPaul is considered to be the most commercially successful drag queen in history. In 2017, RuPaul was named in the “Time 100” list as one of the most influential people of the world.


Shepard “Shep” Smith is an television news and opinion anchor for FOX News. He also serves as managing editor of FOX News’ Breaking News Division. Smith married Virginia Donald in 1987 and divorced in 1993, proving once again that gays are not born gay, but choose to be gay. Smith announced he was gay in a University of Mississippi speech in April 21, 2017. Long before Smith revealed that he was living as a gay man, many conservatives recognized Smith’s liberal reporting slant on FOX News’ conservative network.


Another notable mention is Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner, a mentally ill, mutilated man masquerading as a woman, a person whose behavior the mainstream media encourages, enables, and applauds, as they continually tell the American people that Bruce Jenner is Caitlyn, a woman. Jenner fathered six children as ‘Bruce’ Jenner, proving he is not a “man trapped in a woman’s body,” but is a man who, over time, became mentally ill with gender confusion or gender dysphoria. Jenner was able to get sexually aroused by women in one period of his life, and plant his seed in his wives, resulting in the birth of six children. No human being alive has been both the biological father and the biological mother of a child. That is not possible. Jenner was born a man, still has unchangeable male DNA in all the chromosomes of his body, and will die a man, albeit a sexually mutilated man.

This is just a small sample of the well-known faces that Americans receive their news, information, and entertainment from on a daily basis. There are many other LGBTs who work in the newsrooms as managing editors, writers, and support staff. The days of America being a mom and dad, baseball and apple pie country are long gone. Many Americans seem surprised that so many in the mainstream news media are extremely biased in the way in which they report the news. Americans were lectured for decades not to be homophobic, that sexual orientation should not disqualify anyone from any position, and that gays can report on the news honestly and without personal bias. That has been proven to not be true at all. There can be no doubt that if an open, traditional family advocating, pro-life Christian applied for a news position at many of America’s ‘news’ agencies, such held beliefs would be grounds for disqualification. As was evident in the recent presidential cycle, it really did not matter how many times Obama has failed the American people with disastrous domestic, economic, and foreign policies, high unemployment, soaring deficits, record food stamp enrollments; he was always able to count upon his friendly media to praise him as a great president. Likewise, under President Trump the stock market has soared, there is record low unemployment – even among the African-American population, illegal immigration is down, and the runaway federal deficit has slowed dramatically, as sound fiscal policies have replaced reckless ones. Yet the media is acting like our widely successful president is mentally unstable and is not physically fit for office. Why? Results do not matter to well-paid LGBT news reporter advocates. They care first and foremost about two issues: abortion on demand and complete sexual liberation and deviancy, which includes the breakdown of the traditional family unit. The abortionist destroys the seed of human life and the homosexual perverts it. Homosexuals cannot reproduce, so they must recruit. What better way is there for them to recruit than to have a government that promotes and supports their lifestyle at the expense of the traditional family unit? Homosexuals must promote all things LGBT and try to turn straight people away from heterosexuality to homosexuality for legitimacy and for more sex choice options to benefit their lifestyle. Most every story the media reports on is slanted negatively or positively, depending on who they are reporting on, by agenda driven reporters and the news agencies that they work for. It has become all too apparent that when the sexual deviants run the newsroom, it is like the inmates running the asylum. Americans should expect to continue to receive fake news and not ‘straight’ news out of many mainstream news organizations and the entertainment industry, which are run by perverted LGBTs, now and in the foreseeable future. Wise Americans already know not to trust the fake news being churned out from many of the aforementioned mainstream news agencies, entertainment sources, and their reporters, and seek their information from other, more reliable, ‘straight’ shooting news sources.

Continue Reading

Mainstream Media

President Donald J. Trump, Fit for Duty

George Lujack



Jan. 16, 2018. President Donald Trump’s physician, Dr. Ronnie Jackson, gave Donald Trump an excellent rating concerning his mental and physical health after having examined the president.

“I have no concerns about his cognitive ability,” Dr. Ronny Jackson stated.

The leftist American media, however, kept attacking the results of Dr. Jackson’s assessment of President Trump’s mental and physical health.

The most biased set of questions came from this particular back row reporter who asked, “Does this president ask you about how he can follow his predecessor’s example, to be as fit as Barack Obama was?”

Well let’s have a look at President Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, and his exercise routine…

While the leftist media continues to try to find a crimp in the armor of business titan real estate mogul turned President Donald J. Trump, they have thus far been unable to do so. Many real world American economic observers are stating that in just one year of the Trump presidency, national economic numbers, in real employment and stock market terms, have surpassed 16 years of the previous Bush and Obama president figures combined.

The biased, leftist, anti-Trump media is going to have a hard time convincing the American public that President Donald J. Trump, a true American success story, is unfit mentally or physically from carrying out the duties of the office of President of the United States. Results matter. The first year of the Trump presidency has been an overwhelming success.

The complete Jan. 16, 2018 press conference, held by Trump’s physician Dr. Ronnie Jackson, can be viewed here:

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Mainstream Media

What’s Happened To Breitbart News?

Joe Dan Gorman




For years, leading up to and through the 2016 election, Breitbart was the epitome of rebel journalismthe anti-liberal news source.   I was a fan.

Now while they still have tidbits of the Breitbart of old— every day, story after story featured on Breitbart’s front page is based entirely on unnamed sources from our notoriously liberal & corrupt media…  the very news organizations they once claimed were the enemy.

Now they lazily repeat hit piece after hit piece…. and they regularly and childishly mock Trumps daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared by using the single moniker of “Javanka.”  Jest tell the story without the insults.

Here’s the perfect example which inspired this piece from just this morning.

Top of the page headline reads: Tillerson Called Trump a ‘Moron’ at July Pentagon Meeting.  But the very first words of the article read “NBC News cites three unnamed “officials familiar with the incident” 

Again, the most popular of the news sources… the unnamed source.

Maybe the story is true, who knows? But the sources referenced by Breitbart are not reliable.

Drudge Report also seems to have joined hands with many of the Media Trump-haters.

Unlike our counterparts on the left— we are not sycophants, nor do we like being lied to.  When there are reliably SOURCED negative articles… we absolutely want to see those.

Anyway, as regular Americans just looking for FACTUAL REPORTING— we’re watching and we’re not pleased.

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