PREVENTION, the Best Medicine and the Only Way to Stop Cancer

“What did you take? You took away my breath sometimes. You took away my running. What did you take? You took my hair. You took my husband, my grandmother, my dad. You tried to take me. You try to take everyone, but I won’t let you. We will stop you with therapies, with immune cells, with genetic testing, clinical trials, and cutting edge research. With team science and a team approach to actually bring discoveries to patients. We will stop you by treating every single patient just like family, with dignity and compassion, in ways that we would want to be treated ourselves. We’re not scared of you anymore. We’re not scared of you anymore. We know you better than you know yourself. My dad will survive you; I want everyone to survive you. See this is a fight, it’s a battle and we’re an army, thousands strong, and cancer you’re going to lose and we are going to win.”
-University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (TV Commercial)

October is breast cancer awareness month and the above anti-cancer commercial has been airing frequently on many broadcast stations nationally. The MD Anderson Cancer Center may very well be one of the finest cancer research and treatment centers in the world, but their approach to fighting cancer will not stop cancer; it will guarantee that cancer remains a widespread disease for them, and others, to treat. There is one method that the MD Anderson Cancer Center failed to mention in their commercial that is the only known way to stop cancer: PREVENTION.

Speaking to cancer in feel-good, meaningless, silly commercials will not stop cancer. Cancer is a disease that cannot and does not hear what people say to it. Likewise, wearing pink ribbons and articles of clothing, coming up with slogans such as “You’re history cancer,” and all other forms of wishful thinking will not make cancer go away, nor will it stop cancer; only prevention will.

What the MD Anderson Cancer Center, and others like them, count on is for people to first acquire cancer, then seek their medical treatment. Medical cancer treatment centers will fight cancer only after the disease is acquired in patients. That is not stopping cancer, but is more like being in a business partnership with cancer.

This is not to say that cancer treatment centers do not do good work in helping cancer patients get well, but their good work only happens after people acquire cancer, get sick and then receive treatment. People who acquire cancer suffer diminished quality of life, pain from the disease itself and the treatments for it, shortened life spans, and very often premature death.

“Despite the insights of some eminent doctors, medicine still focuses on disease, giving it a failure orientation. Its practitioners still act as though disease catches people, rather than understanding that people catch disease by becoming susceptible to the seeds of illness to which we are all constantly exposed. Although the best physicians have always known better, medicine as a whole has rarely studied the people who don’t get sick. Most doctors seldom consider how a patient’s attitude towards life shapes that life’s quantity and quality.” <link>
-Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.

The entire approach of Western medicine in fighting cancer is profit-motivated, treatment-based, and unwise. Prevention is not part of the equation. If cancer ceased to exits, all the medical centers treating this disease would have to close down, pharmaceutical companies would stop manufacturing cancer drugs, and many doctors and nurses who treat cancer patients would be seeking new employment in other fields. Not many in the medical industry are sincerely trying to cure cancer; they are generally only interested in treating it for profit.

What preventive measures can be taken to prevent the onset of cancer? In most cases a common sense approach is all that is needed. To prevent lung cancer, don’t smoke. To prevent skin cancer, don’t frequently burn your skin through sun exposure and wear sun screen protection.

To prevent internal organ cancers, and blood-borne diseases such as leukemia, consume a healthy diet. Many Christians of the Western nations do not follow the dietary commands of the Scriptures, found in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14, having been taught to believe that they are no longer in effect or were written for the Jews only. Specifically, mainstream Christians of the Westernized nations consume a diet that often includes swine (pork), shellfish (clam, crab, lobster, shrimp), and fish without scales (catfish, tuna). This disregard for God’s dietary laws is the primary reason why Christians are plagued with the disease known today as cancer.

The North American Plains Indians did not have knowledge of God’s dietary commands found in the Scriptures, yet they unknowingly obeyed them and reaped tremendous health benefits for doing so. Before the arrival of the Europeans in America, the Plains Indians consumed a diet consisting of bison (a clean mammal) and vegetation. The Plains Indians typically lived to be 85 to 90-years-old and never acquired cancer, heart disease or even suffered a heart attack. It is believed that the Plains Indians, as a people, would have lived well beyond 100 years with adequate dental care [1].

“Those who sanctify themselves and purify themselves, … eating swine’s flesh and the abomination [SHELLFISH AND FISH WITHOUT SCALES] and the mouse, shall be consumed [WITH DISEASE] together,” says YHWH (the Lord).

When people acquire cancer they are literally consumed by the disease. Cancer cells multiply and consume healthy cells. YHWH (the Lord) commands us to not eat unclean creatures and warns that those who do consume unclean creatures will themselves be consumed (by disease) as a result of eating them. YHWH’s (the Lord’s) dietary warning has gone unheeded by His own people (mainstream Christians) and as a result various cancers that consume the body have plagued Christians.

Cancer centers will not stop cancer, but will only medically treat cancer once it is acquired. Mainstream Christians who continue to eat unclean creatures will continue to acquire cancer and seek treatment only after the onset of the disease. Prevention (following a healthy diet and proper lifestyle) is the ONLY way to truly stop cancer.

  1. SayersBrook American Gourmet, “Bison Facts,” 11820 Sayersbrook Road, Potosi, MO 63664 1-888-472-9377.




  1. Anonymous

    October 21, 2015 10:05 am at 10:05 am

    TUNA is not a forbidden food, duh!! And what about the problem with vaccinations giving people auto immune disorders? This article is fluffy and worthless.

    • George Lujack

      George Lujack

      October 21, 2015 2:57 pm at 2:57 pm

      TUNA is a forbidden food, so duh to you. God forbids us to eat fish that do not have overlapping scales. Tuna does not have scales covering its body, but has merely what appears to be about a dozen minute, microscopic, scale-like things near its head and tail. Tunas have rudimentary (undeveloped) scales. Tuna is not a fish that has visible scales.

      Rabbinical “authorities” have erred in ruling tuna a clean fish.

      This is evident because tuna is a toxic fish that the FDA warns has harmful mercury levels in it and pregnant women are at particular risk for harm when eating tuna.

      If tuna was a biblically clean, healthy fish, then why is it harmful to a person’s health?

      ANSWER: Tuna is a massive fish with NO TRUE SCALES covering its large torso, therfore its skin absorbs toxins in the water. If you ever see a tuna fish in a fish market, inspect its skin. Tunas DO NOT HAVE VISIBLE OVERLAPPING SCALES and are therefore an unclean fish according to Scripture.

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