Iran Nuclear deal, Good or Bad for The United States?

Ever since the Obama Administration has made this deal with Iran I have tried to figure out exactly how they believe this was a good deal. First let’s talk about the facts of the entire deal before jumping into what the impact of this deal means for The United States. The Obama administration’s main goal was to prevent Iran from being nuclear capable sooner rather than later. Also another major part of this deal was to limit the amount of centrifuges that Iran could have. According to the White House’s official press release Iran has over 20,000 at this time. With this deal it reduces the amount of centrifuges they can have down to 6,104. Also what we know from this deal is for the next 15 years Iran will not be able to enrich uranium past 3.67%. In year 16 Iran will be able to enrich uranium past 3.67% which could allow them to start mass producing uranium for nuclear weapons. keeping with the Obama administration’s goals it seems they have achieved them in the short term.

The next aspect of the deal was we would be allowed to send United nations officials and our own officials in too inspect their nuclear sites. However Iran has a 24 day inspection delay which means we have to notify them 24 days in advance before we can go in and investigate their nuclear sites. Now since I’ve started researching the facts behind this deal this has been the one thing that I believe the liberal media has tried too slide under the rug. This part of the deal has been hidden because I have searched multiple different places and they barely mention it all. The white house’s original response to this deal gives you some insight to the 24 day waiting period but in my opinion just gives excuses to why they are giving Iran 24 days notice before inspecting.

The last part of this deal is the strict economic sanctions on Iran would be lifted if they comply with cutting back on their stock pile of uranium and also not mass producing it. As of right now the United States and European countries have strict sanctions on Iran’s ability to grow their economy. The strict sanctions right now prevent them from exporting the mass amounts of oil and natural gas they have in their country. The good news is if Iran breaks any part of the deal all sanctions will be snapped right back on. When these sanctions are lifted however this will allow Iran to export these resources which in turn would bring billions of dollars of economic growth to their country. This would grow Iran’s economy to twice possibly even three times the size it is right now and the question now becomes what would Iran do with all this new income?

Now we all know that Iran is probably the number one sponsor of terrorism in the world which would make me raise the question of why are we making any deals with them at all? As I stated earlier lifting these sanctions are going to allow Iran’s economy to boom and then the question becomes what will they do with this new money? I understand that this deal should prevent Iran from being able to mass produce uranium but you combine the waiting time that inspectors have too give them. Then you also combine the billions of dollars Iran’s economy will be getting, this could potentially make it easier for Iran to create nuclear weapons instead of prevent it. In a perfect world Iran would agree to this deal and we wouldn’t have any issues right? Well, it’s still early to tell but Iran has a very long track record of not exactly following deals they have made with other countries. So I’m sorry when I say don’t exactly trust Iran in following the things they have agreed too in this deal.

As of right now this deal still has to go through congress and be approve but it appears it is going to get pushed through despite republican opposition. Today John Kerry and other Obama administration officials went before the senate committee of armed services to speak in favor of the deal. With a lot of republicans worried this could be a deal similar to that of the deal they made with North Korea in the 90’s under the Clinton presidency. In hopes of not allowing them to be nuclear capable now, they didn’t take into account long term and now there is a nuclear capable North Korea because of that. We will see in the coming weeks how this deal will pan out in congress but for right now please leave a comment and let us here at Cowgernation know what you think about the deal.

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1 Comment

  1. James

    July 31, 2015 9:11 pm at 9:11 pm

    Clearly, Caiden’s newest columnist is his classmate in Remedial English. Could we chip in and buy the guy a bag of commas? Or maybe he’s hoarding them. Not to mention “too” for “to”, “aloud” for “allowed”. What’s the indigenous language in West Virginia?

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