HuffPo: Meet the new woman.

According to a recent Huffington Post article, men transitioning into women and growing beards is the most recent “beautiful” thing happening in the world.

Alex Drummond is a 51-year-old transgender woman who works as a psychotherapist and photographer in Wales.

Drummoud recently began making waves on an international level due to her articulate, scholarly understanding of transgender identity, as well as one significant physical trait — a fully, bushy, beautiful beard.”

Because who says that beards are just for men, right?

“While mainstream understandings of transgender identity still tend to  often rely on binary notions of male/female, Drummond seeks to queer the idea of gender through both her physical appearance and her day to day life and existence.”

If this is the new woman, I have a feeling that there will be more men choosing to remain single and celibate, or this could also mean that gender genetic tests could become the new prenuptial agreements, that heterosexual partners force each other to take.

Then again, it would be great if all transgender women would grow beards, that way us straight guys know which ones not to go after (just in case we can’t see through the make-up).

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