DBC Management Breaks Ties With CJ Pearson — Falsified Legal Documents

Dustin Beth With CJ Pearson

Dustin Beth With CJ Pearson

In a Cowger Nation interview, DBC Management company Chairman & CEO Dustin Beth stated that “due to improper parental signature and miscommunication, the firm would be dropping Pearson as a client as well as severing all relations with the YouTube sensation.”

It was reported yesterday by Peach Pundit that Pearson was involved in a pattern of dishonesty and deception.

Peach Pundit also released the termination letter from DBC Management, which Cowger Nation was able to verify. The document revealed that Pearson was allegedly aware of Ali A. Akbar’s criminal history when he decided to appoint him as his business manager. It also revealed Pearson allegedly forged his mother’s signature on a DBC Management contract, flagrantly lied, and that CJ’s parents were not aware of the twitter threats that CJ received.

After the release of this document, DBC Management wanted to “clarify everything.”

“While yes, we did disclose the termination letter that we had issued to Pearson- it should be made clear that our intentions were to only inform those that knew of our working relationship with Pearson that it no longer existed,” Beth stated.

Beth said the primary reason DBC decided to break ties with Pearson was because “the contract was not properly signed by his parents and there were patterns of miscommunication.”

Beth also told Cowger Nation that Pearson has been removed from the Rally Millennials Tour and confirmed Pearson will no longer be represented by DBC Management.



  1. The One

    July 14, 2015 4:34 pm at 4:34 pm

    Damn. Why are you so obsessed with this kid, Cowger?

    Do you have a hard on for him? You gay for him?

    Or are you jealous that this kid is a thousand times more popular than you and is actually liked. That this kid actually has some good points and ideas, unlike you.

    • Anonymous

      September 28, 2015 10:27 pm at 10:27 pm

      ur cj lol

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