AFTER COWGER NATION INVESTIGATION — Ali A. Akbar Resigns as CJ Pearson’s Manager

On July 8, 2015, just one day after the Cowger Nation exposé on the business relationship between CJ Pearson and Ali A. Akbar, CJ Pearson announced that Akbar has resigned as his business manager.

As of late, many conservatives, supporters, and friends have voiced their opinions and concerns regarding my affiliation with Ali Akbar of Vice and Victory. Ali has been a tremendous help to me. Guiding me through the political arena, enabling me to reach new heights, and pushing me to the be the best that I can be. His support, this past week, as I dealtt with a clearly deranged person on Twitter meant the world to me. With that being said, Ali and I have come to a mutual conclusion of severing all business ties between the two of us. The media will always find a way to spin a story, as indicated in the publications of Peach Pundit and Cowger Nation where they brutally attacked my character without basis and slammed me for my friendship with Ali. Ali has always wanted what’s best for me so he’s decided to do what’s best for me: resign. Ali will always be a friend. No doubt about it. Love y’all! -CJ

After allegedly stealing a woman’s credit card, Akbar pleaded guilty to credit fraud in 2008.

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1 Comment

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