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MEDIA HYPE: CJ Pearson Did NOT Receive a Death Threat and Nothing Can Be Legally Done.

In another viral story about CJ Pearson, he allegedly received a “death threat” on twitter, where a woman threatened to murder him and his family. While this is being reported by the mainstream, this is not the case. CJ received a “death wish.” As disgusting as it is, more than likely nothing can be legally done. Please notice the wording in the tweets:


In this tweet, Mona said that she “wish[ed] we could switch Treyvon’s life” for CJ’s. While this is obviously a hateful and disgusting tweet to send to anyone, this is not a threat this is a wish. There is a difference.


In this tweet, Mona said that his “family needs to be killed (at least I think — she has very poor grammar),” not that she will kill them. This is means that this is another wish, not a threat.


Here she allegedly threatened to sue CJ for his political opinions. Anyone, including CJ (I hope), knows that you cannot be sued for your political opinions; that is guaranteed under the first amendment.


Here, I guess she thought that he was an “official representative of the GOP,” which is stupid… he’s 12. And because she thought he was claiming to be a representative for the GOP, she threatened sue him. Once again, she has no power to do so.

I make these claims based upon my experiences with death threats/death wishes. If you know me, you are aware that at the age of 13 I was attacked by the liberal mainstream media for my views regarding traditional marriage.

Here is an example of one of the threats:

We discussed these threats for hours with law enforcement, and the problem is that some of them were wishes such as, “Kill yourself Caiden Coward,” and “You need to be killed by someone.” There were other threats created where people anonymously threatened me, and nothing was ever done about them other than their accounts were taken down.

As time went on, I learned to just ignore them, or if they were bad enough, just post them online to expose the left as the hateful intolerant bigots that they are.

Sadly, in CJ’s case, I genuinely don’t think anything can be done.

I will say, that I don’t believe CJ should be using this as an opportunity to promote himself and financially benefit. I know other young republicans and conservatives who have had their houses egged and threats placed in their mailbox, yet they have not went public with it simply because they wish to remain humble. It appears to me (not only with this case, but with his other stories) that he is seeking self-aggrandizement.

Don’t make your message about yourself. Make your commentaries about the issues, and avoid saying “I” or “me.” Make your messages about your beliefs. Just small bit of advice.

Matthew 23:12 says, “And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.”




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