CHURCHES REVOLT: Flies Christian Flag Over American Flag

There is a new movement that has formed, set to raise awareness around the nation that we are one nation under God. Churches are flying the American flag under the Christian flag, sending the message that God comes before country.

According WBTV, Pastor Rit Varriale hoisted the Christian flag to the top of the poll, with the American flag under it. Pastor Varriale is the minister that presides over the Elizabeth Baptist Church in Shelby, North Carolina.

“Our typical flag etiquette is to have the American flag above the Christian flag. But when you stop and think about it, it should be our commitment to God first, then our commitment to country,” he said to WBTV.

This comes right after Supreme Court’s decision to redefine God’s definition of marriage.

The minister has been called “unpatriotic” and attacked for his statement, but he just brushes it off. WND reported that the pastor is a former Army Ranger.

“I really don’t need a lecture on patriotism. I’m willing to give my life for my country. When you think of military mottoes, for example, God and country, God first and then country,” he told WBTV.

Varriale said that this will serve as a symbol we should serve God first.

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