Jimmy Z: Christians Will Not Fight the LGBT Militants

As the ‘gay’ assault on churches in America ramps up, will any of you who are so happy with yourselves today speak out against it? No, of course you won’t. But when the political tides turn (and they always do), you will squeal like stuck pigs – and it will be too late, because you allowed religious freedom to be assaulted in the name of ‘tolerance’. The hatred is coming from the gay militants now. There is no tolerance – only commandeering.



  1. Ralph

    July 2, 2015 3:02 pm at 3:02 pm

    There is no formula for standing up to groups that actually work out. See Ezekiel and Jemimah. However they must come and proclaim the truth. The other side is the church is supposed to be in prayer, repenting of their personal sins and the sins of the nation, preferably in sackcloth. This isn’t happening and this is the reason for concern. A report from the church I am attending is that there are many members who are happy with the decision. So, I will not be attending that church any longer. Also expect when judgement comes that it starts with the church. Judgement is already scheduled for this year and since the church as a whole doesn’t seem to care don’t expect it to go easy for most.

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