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The Unholy Prayer Bump



Mary Anne Weaver’s new book “Her Majesty’s Jihadists” claims that “more British Muslim men have joined ISIS and the Nusra Front than are serving in the British armed forces.”

An estimated one thousand men per month are leaving the West and traveling to various parts of the Middle East to receive training in Jihad. In London the International Center for the Study of Radicalization (I.C.S.R) at King’s College is determined to discover the root causes of this phenomenon within western societies.

If honesty prevails they will find the root cause within Islam. It is suggested that western societal barriers- economic, education, and social, foster this revolt against civilized culture, resulting in young Muslim men converting to a “radical” version of their childhood religion. But this excuse has been disproven by the facts. Osama Bin Laden was educated, wealthy, and very well connected, as are many leaders of Islamic Jihad.

The Muslim prophet Mohamed’s writings in the Koran are all the evidence needed to convict the religious philosophy of inciting murder. That, plus all the head banging the devout do multiple times each day.

The Koran demands acts of devotion to prove oneself holy, including prayers towards Mecca five times daily. With each prostrate prayer session the devotee has numerous opportunities to bang his forehead against the floor, in a perverse attempt to please Allah with his suffering.

Studies have shown a correlation between this type of repeated “bumping” of the forehead and brain trauma. Muslims revere the “head bump” as an outward sign of the wounded’s high level of commitment to personal holiness. Ironically the prayerful one may actually become the victim of self-induced brain damage.

It’s interesting that Islam’s most “holy” are probably also the most brain damaged. Muslim Jihadi leaders consider themselves to be the most religiously devout. Might they be the most intellectually challenged as well?

“But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin.” (I John 1:7/ESV)

The purpose of this blog is to encourage Christ-followers to see God’s Big Picture and be a part of it. Adonai Eloheinu!

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1 Comment

  1. Dan

    April 17, 2015 1:27 pm at 1:27 pm

    I would be offended by this if it wasn’t so hysterically stupid.

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Islamic State says it has full control of Syria’s Palmyra





(Reuters) — Islamic State fighters tightened their grip on the historic Syrian city of Palmyra on Thursday and overran Iraqi government defenses east of Ramadi, the provincial capital that they seized five days earlier.

The twin successes not only pile pressure on Damascus and Baghdad but throw doubt on a U.S. strategy of relying almost exclusively on air strikes to support the fight against Islamic State.

U.S. and coalition forces had conducted 18 air strikes against Islamic State targets in Syriaand Iraq since Wednesday, the U.S. military said.

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the al Qaeda offshoot now controlled more than half of all Syrian territory after more than four years of conflict that grew out of an uprising against President Bashar al-Assad.

The monitoring group added that Islamic State had seized the last border crossing between Syria and Iraq controlled by the Damascus government. The crossing is in Syria’s Homs province, where Palmyra is located.

Fighters loyal to the Sunni Muslim group have also consolidated their grip on the Libyan city of Sirte, home town of former leader Muammar Gaddafi.

The White House said the seizure of Palmyra was a setback for U.S.-led coalition forces in their fight against Islamic State. But spokesman Josh Earnest said President Barack Obama disagreed with Republicans demanding he send ground troops to fight the Islamist militants.

The Obama administration has publicly expressed confidence in Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, but some U.S. officials are questioning privately whether he is too weak to bridge Iraq’s sectarian divide.

Islamic State said in a statement posted by followers on Twitter that it was in full charge of Palmyra, including its military bases, marking the first time it had taken a city directly from the Syrian military and allied forces.

The U.N. human rights office in Geneva said a third of Palmyra’s 200,000 residents may have fled the fighting in the past few days.


U.N. human rights spokeswoman Ravina Shamdasani also said there were reports of government forces preventing civilians leaving, although state media said pro-government National Defense Forces had evacuated civilians before withdrawing.

“ISIL (Islamic State) has reportedly been carrying out door-to-door searches in the city, looking for people affiliated with the government,” Shamdasani said. “At least 14 civilians are reported to have been executed by ISIL in Palmyra this week.”

The ultra-hardline group has destroyed antiquities in Iraq and there are fears it might now devastate Palmyra, home to renowned Roman-era ruins including well-preserved temples, colonnades and a theater.

The U.N. cultural agency, UNESCO, describes the site as a historical crossroads between the Roman Empire, India, China and ancient Persia and a testament to the world’s diverse heritage.

“We may have different beliefs … different views, but we have to protect such incredible vestiges of human history,” UNESCO’s director general, Irina Bokova, told Reuters Television.

Syria’s antiquities chief, Maamoun Abdulkarim, told Reuters: “This is the fall of a civilization. … Human, civilized society has lost the battle against barbarism.”

Al-Azhar, the center of Islamic learning in Egypt, urged the world to protect Palmyra, saying the destruction of cultural heritage was forbidden by Islam.

Rami Abdulrahman, founder of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said Islamic State fighters had entered the ancient sites by early on Thursday but there were no immediate reports of destruction.


The assault is part of a westward advance by Islamic State that is adding to pressures on Syria’s overstretched army and militias, which have also lost ground in the northwest and south.

Taking Palmyra gives Islamic State access to modern army installations and control of a desert highway linking government-held Damascus and Homs with Syria’s mainly rebel-held east.

Although Islamic State has seized large chunks of Syria, the areas it holds are mostly sparsely inhabited. Syria’s main cities, including the capital Damascus, are located on its western flank, along the border with Lebanon and on the coast.

Just five days before Palmyra fell, Islamic State seized Ramadi, capital of Iraq’s largest province, Anbar, where the Sunni Muslim Islamic State has tapped into resentment among local Sunnis who say they have been marginalized by Shi’ite-led governments in Baghdad.

Obama said the fall of Ramadi was a “tactical setback” but, in an interview released on Thursday, added that he did not think the fight against Islamic State was being lost.


“There’s no doubt that, in the Sunni areas, we’re going to have to ramp up not just training, but also commitment, and we

better get Sunni tribes more activated than they currently have

been,” Obama said in the interview, conducted on Tuesday with

The Atlantic magazine.

“I think Prime Minister Abadi is sincere and committed to an inclusive Iraqi state, and I will continue to order our military to provide the Iraqi security forces all assistance that they need in order to secure their country, and I’ll provide diplomatic and economic assistance that’s necessary for them to stabilize,” Obama said.

Iraq’s government has ordered Shi’ite militias, some of which have close ties to Iran, to join the battle to retake Ramadi, raising fears of renewed sectarian strife.

Washington wants the counter-offensive to include both Sunni and Shi’ite forces under direct government command.

One U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said there had been long-standing concerns in Washington about Abadi’s ability to navigate Iraq’s sectarian politics and that recent events had raised misgivings about him.

But Washington sees no viable alternative for Abadi, current and former U.S. officials said.

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The Situation of Netanyahu



In my preparations to watch today’s speech from Israel’s Prime Minister I came across the Drudge Report, which carried a link to this. According to sources, the “former leader of the free world” slithered into his Situation Room to view Netanyahu’s address to Congress.

Weeks ago President Barak Obama pre-excused himself from attending this personal appeal from Israel. In addition, he will not send a single member of his Cabinet. Instead his representatives have been using the Press to undermine both the Prime Minister and his message. Susan Rice and John Kerry said this visit is “destructive” and “mistaken.” An additional disrespect came from the Congressional Black Caucus (Black members of the Congress), who made plans to disrupt the speech with a mass exodus, but were unseen and irrelevant.

One national group, trying to offset the effects of Obama and the Liberal Democrats, is Star Parker’s Urban Cure. Ms. Parker, a former Democrat, gathered conservative black pastors to Washington for today’s speech. This group of dedicated Christ-following patriots voiced their support for the nation of Israel in advance of the Prime Minister’s speech.

So what’s this Netanyahu “situation” all about? Only the imminent nuclear weaponization of Israel’s most vocal enemy. Iran, a nation intent on the destruction of God’s chosen people, is on the verge of achieving a nuclear weapons treaty with the only world power able to stop them. The President of the United States is about to compromise with the Iranians.

As Netanyahu argued before his speech, “America faces a security threat…Israel faces an existential threat!…Israel cannot gamble with Iran.”

Netanyahu was vigorously welcomed, in the Senate chamber, with the respect due to a world leader of his stature. His comments included the following:

“In 4000 years of history, many have tried to destroy the Jewish people…The celebration of Purin begins tomorrow, when Jews celebrate Esther’s role in defense of her people against an ancient Persian threat…Another Persian potentate, the Ayatolla Khomenai, spewed the oldest hatred of anti-Semitism.”

“Iran threatens the survival of my country and the future of my ancient people. Hassan Nasrallah (the leader of Hezbollah) said, If all the Jews gather in Israel it will save us the trouble of chasing them down around the world.”

“The peace of the entire world is threatened…The nature of the Iranian regime is a dark and brutal dictatorship dedicated to fulfill a Jihad of the world…Death, tyranny, and Jihad equals Iran!”

“The foremost sponsor of terrorism could be weeks away from nuclear weapons, along with the means of delivering that arsenal to every part of the world, including the United States. The greatest danger in the world today would be to allow the marriage of radical Islam with nuclear weapons!…Today many hope that Iran will join the community of nations, but instead, even under sanctions, Iran is gobbling up the nations!”

“This deal (Obama’s treaty with Iran) is so bad…it doesn’t stop the path to the bomb, it paves the path to the bomb!…This deal doesn’t ‘kick the can down the road’…in fact (if this deal goes through) it will allow and promote nuclear tripwires to criss-cross the Middle East.”

“Standing up to dark murderous Iran is not easy!…Call their bluff…they (Iran) need a deal more than you (USA)…you have the power to make them need a deal…no deal is better than a bad deal…and this is a bad deal…we’re better off without it!”

“We must choose between two paths…a bad deal leading to a nuclear armed Iran, which will lead to a world war. The other path is a better deal…a ‘path less traveled,’ but one which will lead to a peace which we all desire!”

“Never again! (said Holocaust survivor Elie Weisel who was in attendance at the speech)…the days when the Jewish people would remain passive in the face of genocidal enemies…those days are over!…We are no longer scattered among the nations, powerless to defend ourselves…we, the Jewish people, can defend ourselves…even if Israel must stand alone, Israel will stand!…but Israel does not stand alone, America stands with Israel!”

“The story of Israel is the story of the human spirit, which refuses to succumb to horrors…Moses said, ‘Be strong and resolute, neither fear nor dread the challenges ahead!’”

Obama’s situation with Netanyahu is now exposed. He can either continue on his petulant path or choose the better path.

(God) “I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse, and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” (Genesis 12:3/ESV)

The purpose of this blog is to encourage Christ-followers to see God’s Big Picture and be a part of it. Adonai Eloheinu!

Credit:Frank Gaffney (Netanyahu, the new “leader of the free world”)

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Politicizing War, Crime, and Everything Else

George Lujack




Barack Obama, as head of the Democrat Party, presides as the philosophical leader of people that believe in playing political football with virtually every issue before them, including issues of national and domestic security; war and crime.

The Senate “Intelligence” Report on CIA “torture” was released on December 9, 2014. The release of this blatant, one-sided, liberally biased report, 8-years after the fact, serves no legitimate purpose other than to besmirch the reputation of the brave men and women of the CIA who defended America against further attacks after 9-11-2001, and to enrage the terrorist enemies of America who will use the report as a recruitment and propaganda tool. The report itself is an admission of guilt before the world that we Americans “torture” “people” using water boarding, sleep depravation, and other psychological methods to get vital information out of them.

The CIA, under a republican administration, successfully thwarted terrorism using enhanced interrogation techniques. In regards to the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques, Obama said, “That’s not who we are.” In Obama’s never-ending quest to change and transform America, he is trying to redefine who Americans are. Attempting to shame the prior republican administration through exposing the CIA’s “torture” is more important to the democrats than preserving American lives and the reputations of the members of the CIA who, during wartime, acted on behalf of the American people to thwart future attacks on the homeland. While the Obama democrat administration and his minion of liberal democrat supporters feign being appalled at the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques, they are perfectly fine with Obama’s drone strikes that often kill or maim innocent men, women and children as collateral damage.

Smart power or ineffective power? On December 03, 2014, while speaking at a Georgetown University event promoting female leadership in foreign conflicts, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated that America should “empathize” with it’s enemies. America’s terrorist enemies do not see empathy for them as smart, but as a sign of weakness. Empathizing with a culture that routinely savagely beheads people sends a message of lack of resolve. Such gestures and lofty platitudes will not endear them to us, but will embolden them against us.

Perhaps this is why, as Secretary of State, Hillary empathized with Islamic militants who attacked and killed four Americans in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012. Rather than addressing the need for more security requested by numerous personnel at the American Embassy in Libya, Hillary empathized with Libyan Islamists in not wanting to make them fearful of a heavily armed American embassy. After the attack was over, in keeping with the philosophy of “empathizing with the enemy,” rather than blame Islamist militants for the embassy murders, it was liberal democrats that blamed the incident on an anti-Muslim video.

Barack Obama, in a national speech on November 20, 2014, unilaterally went forth with an illegal immigration migration plan to allow undocumented persons to stay in the United States. The plan would provide work permits to as many as 3.7 million non-citizens. This was done under the guise of “fixing” a dysfunctional immigration system. Obama said that a mass deportation of the nation’s more than 11 million undocumented immigrants “would be both impossible and contrary to our character.” But Obama’s policy is contrary to America’s lawful character, by rewarding the criminal act of entering America illegally. His policy fixes nothing, and will only encourage more illegal immigration in the future if there is no penalty to be received for this non-prosecuted crime.

Republican Bill Cassidy soundly defeated incumbent democrat Mary Landrieu for the Louisiana Senate on December 06, 2014. A few days earlier, Don Cravins, the democratic mayor of Opelousas, Louisiana, encouraged voters in Louisiana to commit voter fraud – a felony, by voting twice for Landrieu to help her remain in office. Cravins said, “Tomorrow we’re gonna elect Earl Taylor as D.A. so he won’t prosecute you if you vote twice.” Hmmm… I wonder if the oft mentioned liberal claim of voter suppression is genuine, being that democrats are encouraging voters to vote twice for their candidates.

In the wake of the Ferguson, MO lootings and arsons, following the grand jury decision to not indict officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Mike Brown, Al Sharpton stated, “We’re not looters. We’re liberators. We are not burners, we’re builders.” Liberal, racist, anti-establishment Al Sharpton actually compares the lawless looting criminals of Ferguson MO with American foreign war veterans that have liberated and rebuilt countries.

Sharpton has made similar outrageous statements in the past, saying that African-American blacks were actually the Egyptians, ““White folks was in the caves when we [blacks] was building empires. We built pyramids before Donald Trump ever knew what architecture was. We taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.” Being that the black constituents Sharpton represents are such great builders, wise philosophers, mathematicians and astrologers, it should mean that he and those he represents should not be in need of any federal assistance in rebuilding or education for their communities. Yet black Americans are most in need of help in the form of food stamps, job training, welfare and other government assistance. The black communities in America are generally the most crime ridden, drug using, family shattered, unskilled and unemployed in America.

Al Sharpton was insulted that the Ferguson police released a tape of Michael Brown caught on video showing him strong-arm robbing a convenience store. The video inconveniently interfered with Sharpton’s plans to portray Michael Brown as a gentile giant who was gunned down by a white police officer merely for being black.


Democrat politicians and their liberal “progressive” supporters shamelessly use all types of incidents to forward their agenda and / or libel their political adversaries. Every time there is a violent gun shooting by a legal or illegally armed gunmen, they call for strict gun restrictions or firearm bans against law-abiding gun owners. They cry for more federal abortion funding every time they see an unplanned pregnancy or when they use disease as a ruse to support abortion for the purpose of supplying researchers with needed discarded fetuses for unpromising embryonic stem cell research.

American security, both foreign and domestic, is not a concern to liberal democrats that don’t mind putting Americans lives at risk. Liberals prefer to cause division and strife, instead of finding solutions through responsible leadership while encouraging personal responsibility. Liberals empathize with Islamic terrorists while calling our own CIA interrogators “torturers.” No (mob) justice, no peace (for society). No indictment, then burn this b@#%h down! (their own neighborhood stores). This is the basic deranged mentality of the anti-establishment, liberal-minded democrat.

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