Standing With Indiana Governor Mike Pence

A friend is facing attacks, and it’s time to join him in the fight. Last week Governor Mike Pence signed a bill protecting the religious rights of the citizens of Indiana. Many states have approved of similar laws. Homosexual Activist groups are claiming these bills discriminate against their hyper-sexual status.

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act does not endorse discrimination of any group of citizens. In fact, this law attempts to restore rights to those with religious convictions. Many of these have recently been bullied into submission, punished for their biblical beliefs, and barred from the marketplace.

This current law is a replay of one that both President Bill Clinton and Senator Barak Obama endorsed in 1993. At the time Clinton said, “We all have a shared desire here to protect perhaps the most precious of all American liberties – religious freedom.” Since that law was overturned in ’97 the basic rights of religious Americans have been increasingly threatened, while sexually perverse and sodomy-based rights have received special treatment.

Mike Pence is an example of strong leadership under pressure. His refusal to back down on this issue of religious protection is encouraging to us regular folks, who have wondered where our country has gone.

“Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” (Proverbs 27:17/ESV)

The purpose of this blog is to encourage Christ-followers to see God’s Big Picture and be a part of it. Adonai Eloheinu!



  1. Chuck Anziulewicz

    March 31, 2015 12:48 pm at 12:48 pm

    In the next few months the Supreme Court of the United States is likely to rule that there is no Constitutional justification for denying law-abiding Gay couples the same opportunity to marry that Straight couples have always taken for granted.

    So NOW the opponents of marriage equality are taking their revenge in a pro-active way, so that business owners who are against marriage equality can discriminate against Gay couples even if they are legally eligible to marry. Social and religious conservatives are nothing if not vindictive.

    But a business is not a church. It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about a bakery or a restaurant, a photo studio or a factory. They aren’t in the business of providing spiritual guidance or enforcing moral doctrines. They are there to turn a profit. As such, they are obligated to abide by prevailing civil rights laws, whether those laws protect people from discrimination based on race, religion, or sexual orientation.

    Conservative columnist Erick Erickson came to the defense of Christian business owners: “Committed Christians believe in a doctrine of vocation. They believe that their work is a form of ministry. Through their work, they can share the gospel and glorify God.”

    Oh, and also rake in as much money as possible. You can wax poetic all you want about “glorifying God,” but at the end of the day these businesses wouldn’t exist were it not for the profit motive.

    Should a restaurant owner be able to refuse service to Blacks because he has “moral objections” to race-mixing? Should an employer be able to fire a Muslim employee because he wants to run “a nice Christian workplace”? And if a Christian florist agrees to provide flower arrangements at a Muslim couple’s wedding, does it mean he is necessarily endorsing Islam?

    If the answer to these questions is NO, what justification is there refusing service to a Gay couple who wish to get a wedding cake or celebrate their anniversary in a restaurant?

    • David

      April 1, 2015 10:43 pm at 10:43 pm

      Homosexuality is a deviant lifestyle choice, Race is not. You are comparing apples and oranges.

      I am free to reject building a brothel if I so choose, even if prostitution is legal in my state. You cannot force me to work on it.
      I am free to reject building a mosque if I so choose, and not be accused of religious discrimination.
      I am free to reject building a Pot shop if I so choose, even if it is legal in my state to sell Pot.

      Forcing me to do any of these things is a form of enslavement.

      My competition has every right to do the above if they want, And if my company suffers a loss because my values dictate that I should not provide those services, then so be it.

      But when you send your activist thugs to defame and disrupt my business, is what this act was designed to protect against.

      Be careful where you go with this, because your enslavement is next. Part of the definition of slavery is to be deprived of the right to refuse to work. This is what this is all about

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