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CNN POLL: Americans want an Anti-Obama President

CNN recently conducted a poll asking their audience what their idea of a perfect presidential candidate for 2016 would be. The results were very telling about the leadership of the Obama administration. The study found that Americans want a political leader that is experienced in politics and will vow to reverse Obama’s policies.

According to CNN, 59% of Americans would like Obama’s successor to be a seasoned political figure who has been nationally recognized, and known by the public for many years rather than a newcomer. 59% also say they prefer a candidate with executive experience over one who has just worked as a legislator.

In 2008, when Senator Obama was running to become the next President of the United States, he had only served three terms as an Illinois state senator and had less than four years of experience as a U.S. senator. His history and track record were almost unknown by the general public, and his family history, including his admired father, was very shady.

On the campaign trail, he promised to bring change to Washington D.C., and vowed to fundamentally transform this nation. As president, Obama did just that. He has distorted this nation into a country that would have been unrecognizable to us just six years ago. The economy has been greatly weakened, a record number of Americans have dropped out of the workforce, perversion is being embraced, religious liberty is being terminated, and the United States Constitution is being misinterpreted and ignored to promote the principles of liberalism.

This collected information showed that Americans not only want Obama’s successor to have experience with political leadership, but to be the complete ideological opposite of the President. The poll found that 57% want the next president to revert most of the policies changed by Obama. It is important to note that specific policies were not specified in the study. Nevertheless, it is apparent that the American people are universally disgusted with the leadership of the current presidential administration.

When he first became president, Obama had hardly any political experience, however, he had a radical progressive agenda. Personally, I believe that the President been very successful, though he has had multiple failures regarding the effectiveness of his policies. He has successfully implemented almost every legislative goal that he set out to accomplish. Though the majority of his programs have hurt Americans, he was still able to put them into action.

For over six years, the American people have lived in a predominantly liberal America with a federal government that has greatly expanded its control. It appears that they have finally had enough.

Many politicians on both sides, republican and democrat, are only concerned about advancing themselves, not helping their constituents. If we truly want to repair this nation, we need to elect representatives, including a president, who will stand for agreeable principles, not those who only seek office to obtain popularity for themselves and advance a radical agenda that is contrary to the beliefs of our founders.

Hillary Clinton is expected to be the democratic nominee for 2016, though much can change in the upcoming months. Clinton is almost identical to President Obama and electing her to the office would be an assurance for another four years of the same economic and social failures. Clinton has been involved in multiple scandals, wholeheartedly endorsed Obamacare, supported Obama’s unsuccessful policies that have destroyed our economy, promoted immorality, and has showed weak leadership when it comes to foreign policy and national security.

In this upcoming election, we need to elect a leader who will limit federal regulations, fix the broken tax code, promote personal responsibility, defend morality and genuinely loves America. The only way that we can repair this nation after being ruled by a completely liberal government, is to elect a conservative for president in 2016.




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  2. wavettore

    April 11, 2015 6:44 pm at 6:44 pm

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  3. J. Main

    April 24, 2015 1:30 am at 1:30 am

    How does 57% of a polled demographic wanting to revert obama’s policies and 59% of a polled demographic wanting a recognizable candidate that happens to have more experience than Obama mean “Americans want an Anti-Obama president”? This is flawed logic at best.

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