ARTIST: Clinton’s Official Painting Has Lewinsky Reference

While it can easily go unnoticed, there is more to the painting of President Bill Clinton than just Bill Clinton.

Artist Nelson Shanks told the Philadelphia Daily News that painted a shadow of a blue dress in the 2006 portrait, which is currently hanging in the National Portrait Gallery. The artist included this dress as a reference to the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Shanks also told the Philadelphia Daily News that Bill Clinton is“probably the most famous liar of all time.”

“If you look at the left-hand side of it,” there is a mantel in the Oval Office and “I put a shadow coming into the painting and it does two things,” Shanks said.

“It actually literally represents a shadow from a blue dress that I had on a mannequin, that I had there while I was painting it, but not when he was there. It is also a bit of a metaphor in that it represents a shadow on the office he held, or on him.”

Shanks also stated that the Clintons have been trying to get the National Portrait Gallery to remove it, but the gallery’s spokeswoman denied that accusation.

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