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Glenn Beck is a Fraud: Attacked Conservatives While Trying to Get CNN Deal

Glenn Beck was ripping Conservatives who opposed to illegal immigration, reffering to them as being unchristian, judgmental, and positioning himself as a moderate just as he was allegedly trying to strike a deal to get his programming on CNN.

CNN’s Brian Stelter reported, “The idea fizzled fast and talks aren’t expected to resume.” Recently, CNN and their sister channel, HLN, are laying off 550 or more employees. Beck was allegedly trying to get back on the HLN network, where he got his first gig in cable news.

According to Breitbart, “Stelter, who is one of the best-sourced reporters in the television industry and made a name for himself out-scooping more established mainstream media reporters, claimed he had no knowledge of the negotiations whatsoever when he unusually gave Beck two Sundays worth of relatively good PR, showcasing Beck’s Texas offices and future plans.”

Stelter questioned if Beck was responsible for “dividing the country,” and told him that many Americans remember Beck best for saying on Fox News that “President Obama is a racist.” Beck stated that he regretted making that remark and responded, “we all live and learn.”

Stelter also praised Beck, stating “you evolve your views” and “change your mind” on issues, and Beck responded that he do so after different “pivot points.” Beck also stated he would rather be Walt Disney than Edward R. Murrow or Rush Limbaugh.



  1. quand vais je etre enceinte

    August 8, 2015 8:08 pm at 8:08 pm

    Ha! I found this so amusing. What’s making me cringe is that even though it may be argued that it is simply optional or personal preference to space once or twice after a period, I don’t think the rule for spacing twice after a colon ever changed. Yet it appears that everyone that used it here spaced only once.

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