What Really Happened in Libya?

I was listening to Sean Hannity on my way home from work, like always. I heard some comments that were made about UN Ambassador, Susan Rice (perspective candidate for Secretary of State) on conservatives calling her “incompetent.”

Liberals say that, “incompetent” is a racist word. This really struck me as odd. I live in the south where racism is still alive among a few southerners. I have heard every racist name you can think of, incompetent is not one of them.

First, Rice is very incompetent. She went out on the Sunday talk shows citing the YouTube video as the cause of the Ambassador and four American’s killed. We know this was an act of terrorism. In my opinion Susan Rice is nothing but a puppet. She was doing the bidding of President Obama helping cover up the truth. This is a cover up. Obama lied and is guilty of the death of many American’s at the Consulate. Ambassador Stevens is dead because of Obama. He could have beefed up security but he refused. They gave the order to tell the Seals working for the Consulate to stand down. The 6 disobeyed orders in order to save lives.

First, Rice knew all of this. She knew all of this was happening. They saw this in real time. This brings up so many questions and we, as Americas, deserve answers. I am tired of the lies from this Administration. The first four years of Obama’s term has been built on the foundation of deceit and lies. We had a chance to change this, however, the American citizens voted for a Santa Claus figure over real substance.



  1. Bill Smith

    May 3, 2013 2:25 am at 2:25 am

    The Liberal base tends to call anything and everything said against what they say or believe as racist or bigoted. I too live in the South, Texas to be exact, and I don’t see that racism is running rampant throughout the Southern States nor is it just secluded in the South as an issue. Racism is an issue that still exists to an extent throughout the world. It’s not as prevalent as before, but it still exists. So, lets not leave it as a Southerner issue alone but share with the world the blame and shame.

    On the topic of Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice; I can say I am glad she was not given the office of Secretary of State. Unfortunately, we have a president that doesn’t seem to either know people very well or he knows them extremely well and picks them purposefully to further his agenda as we have John Kerry now filling the shoes of Secretary of State.

    I didn’t think then and don’t now, with all that is coming to light, that Susan Rice’s statements had anything to do with her level of competency. Not that I am defending her competency, I just don’t think that being ignorant was her issue with the Benghazi attack. It had more to do with her level of morality, dignity and honor. I can completely agree with your opinion of her being a “puppet” as she went on television and lied, saying everything that Obama and his administration wanted to put out to the public.

    With this being an issue not only of honor as well as morality but of dereliction of duty by the president, Vice president, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense and those around the president that knew of the cover-up. The failure of providing security was on the Secretary of State. Clinton then compounded the issue by going along with this cover-up. The Secretary of Defense, Vice President and President are all guilty of dereliction of duty. The rest of the Obama administration “puppets” are just as guilty!

    The president is guilty for not being involved long enough to understand the level of threat, for not giving the order to send in troops to extract the Americans that were under siege. Even though they were watching the initial attack in real time and the president failed to give the order that only he could give, to send in troops over foreign borders. There is no reason on earth Obama can give for not sending the cavalry in right away!

    And the Vice President and Secretary of Defense are guilty of not keeping the president apprised of the situation and demanding something be done as well as each and every one of them being guilty for deception, deceiving the American populace.

    There’s not one Democrat that could honestly state if this had been a Republican president they wouldn’t be calling for his head on a platter and impeachment proceedings would have been brought up months ago. So, it’s time for impeachment, its time the congress did their sworn duty.

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