Reaching The Youth with The Youth

Many Conservatives wonder why so many teenagers follow the beliefs of liberalism. There are several reasons for this and I am going to discuss some of the problems that we face when reaching the youth and some solutions to get the youth on our side.


Indoctrination plays a major role in the liberal’s recruiting agenda. If you have ever watched the Disney children’s channel you most likely will see an add featuring Michelle Obama. You will also see ads telling kids that they need to recycle, think more about the environment, and “save the planet.” In public schools we have a problem with liberal educators teaching students about the theories of global warming and evolution as if they are facts. Some educational instructors teach their students that it is wrong to be proud that we are Americans, and to think that our country is the greatest country in the world. From personal experience, some teachers are in favor of illegal immigration, and teach that it would help , not hurt, our economy. Students are taught that they all need to be “open-minded” and “diverse,” yet if a conservative student speaks up, they fail to recognize “diverse” opinions. Many teachers fail to give balanced perspectives and the students only get one side of an argument.

Peer pressure is another reason why so many teenagers choose to be liberal. Their views are influenced by their fellow students. They are not soundly rooted in their conservative beliefs, and to be accepted they adopt the views of their peers. Many students do not know how and why our country was founded, nor the price that was paid for our freedom. This is the reason why liberalism is referred to as a disease. It creates a chain reaction in the youth, spreading from on person to another. Many teenagers, who are conservatives while they are young, cannot handle peer pressure and give in to the other side. They want acceptance and compromise their beliefs because they want to be considered cool, even if it means changing all of their views. They choose popularity over their principles.


There is a successful solution that conservatives can use to fix this problem. It has been effective with my peers and also with youth who listen to my radio program. The solution is reaching the youth with the youth. When adults try to win the youth over, they are successful with some, but unsuccessful with many. This is because their definition of what is “cool” does not match the current definition of what “cool” is today. The definition of being cool today is being “open-minded,” acceptance of all lifestyles and religions, no matter how violent and radical they may be (coexist), being an anti-constitutionalist, and in favor of fundamentally transforming the principles of The United States. To solve this problem conservatives must raise up the conservative youth. Popular conservatives must stand behind conservative youth who want to take part in awaking their generation. If the experienced conservatives do not mentor the young conservatives and encourage them, in a few years there will be no conservatives to carry the banner and fight for our freedom. Going by what I have seen in the past, teenage conservatives who are active for self aggrandizement cannot fully be trusted and may lead to another Crony Krohny conservative. However, teenage conservatives who are sincere in their beliefs, and dedicated about reaching their generation, need the support of established conservative leaders.

If conservatives do this, they will see an increase in conservatism in the younger population, but young conservatives cannot do it alone. They must have the support of well known and dedicated conservatives, because the liberal left is going to do everything that they can do to discourage, scare, and destroy the self-esteem of the of the ones who stand. The adult conservatives need to defend the young conservatives and form a strong alliance with them. This will guarantee the future existence of conservatism and result in taking the country back from the clutches of the liberal thinking that is destroying our liberty and our freedom.

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