New Information on ObamaCare

Government control of Medicare is one of the plans listed in the Obamacare Agenda. In Obamacare, they plan on making more money by cutting out hospital re-admissions to Medicare patients, saving approximately $100,000,000 per year. The program that they are putting in to place causes hospitals to be fined if they re-admit Medicare patients within 30 days of discharge.

About 20%, which is 2 out of every 10 patients, covered by Medicare returns to the hospital that they were in before within a month of their treatment. There is going to be higher Medicare costs for treatment and also for prescription drugs. This is one of the ways that our government plans to save money and then waste it on other programs that are not important. Not to mention, it costs people’s health and it will lead to some people not living as long due to denied care. This will affect other people, excluding those on Medicare, even young American.

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