Obama to Disarm Americans!?

I have received many emails asking me if Obama is truly going to use his executive power to disarm Americans. Going by the facts, history, and current statements from the Obama Administration, I must say that it is without a doubt that he will use, and abuse, his Executive Power. “Dirty” Harry Reid has attended meetings with the President, specifically asking him to increase the use of his Executive Power.

The liberals’ goal is to implement their big government ideology into our current governmental system. In the process of implementing their tyrannical form of government, there would be a great chance that the American people would rebel against the anti-American agenda and revolt, like the founders told us to do. So, what must the big government ideologues do to ensure that they should not have much of a fight from the American people? They must destroy the second amendment that ensures the people the right to bear arms and protect themselves from a tyrannical government.

​Obama’s plan to use his executive power, basically increase regulations without representation, has been expected for several years. On June 8, 2011, CNS News’ Erica Werner reported that Obama is expected to boost gun safety by Executive Order. To those who think that it is not possible, please recall when the “Dream Act” was killed in the House. President Obama was “joking” to a pro-amnesty audience at an NCLR dinner about granting amnesty without congressional authorization. He then laughed and said, “But that is not the way our democracy (and Constitution) works.” A few months later, he bypassed Congress’ decision and granted amnesty on his own. How about that? He is currently threatening to use the fourteenth amendment to raise the debt ceiling on his own, if Congress fails to comply with his demands. I ask you, do you really think that Obama does not have the arrogance and Marxist ideology to do it? You decide.

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