Republican Party Drops Dead

I am writing this after the shock that the Republicans gave into Obama has worn off. I never would have thought that the Speaker, Congressman John Boehner would have caved. Boehner, who was put into his speaker position by the fiscally conservative wave in 2010.

The Republican Party, with voting for the Fiscal Cliff bill showed that the Tea Party values are no longer welcomed in the GOP. I was told by a former National Committee Member that, “Conservatism within the GOP is dead and will never come back. The Party is declaring war on Conservatives.” Why do the moderates want the so-called “Radial Right”, by the way we are not radical, out of the party?

Let us look at history of the Republican Nomination in the last 30 years or so. Conservative Ronald Reagan won, in 1988, George H. W. Bush ran on a Conservative Platform and won, then his true colors as a moderate came out and he lost in 1992. In 1996, Bob Dole, moderate, lost. George W. Bush who ran on a Conservative platform won in 2000. In 2008, John McCain, Moderate lost. Just recently, last year, Mitt Romney, moderate, lost. I think the record speaks for itself.

What do we Conservatives do? Do we try to fight back? I say no. I think we should teach these moderates a lesson. I think the Conservative wing, which is what keeps the GOP standing, should leave the Party and let them try to keep the Party going. Once they see without the Conservatives they cannot win, they will come crawling back to us. I think we should let them have it for a few years. Let them be knocked down to third party status. Conservatism has to win. The GOP is now the party of moderation. I detest that with every fiber of my being. I will refuse to settle on a moderate candidate. I will no longer be a good little Republican and fall in line.

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