EXPOSED: John Raese Tracker

On January 21, 2012, John Raese spoke at the annual Harrison County Lincoln Day Dinner. As Mr. Raese was speaking, the Raese team pointed out the tracker and conservatives at the dinner began taking out their phones and capturing photos of the tracker. I happened to be there and had my camera along, and recorded a question that I asked him, “who hired you.” The tracker replied, “People.” I wondered who hired the tracker and questioned what he was hiding, then I found a video on the Huffington Post’s YouTube channel that was taken of Mr. Raese at the dinner at the same place that this tracker was located.

Having been attacked by the Huffington Post before myself, it is not a surprise to me that they would do something like this. I think it is amazing how they have taken this clip of John Raese defending Ted Nuggent and tried to make make Mr. Raese look bad. I did not see anything wrong with it. I see it as the liberal left wanting to force political correctness on the American people. John Raese hit it right on 100%.

If you have any information about this tracker, send it to tips@cowgernation.com

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