Living and Dying for Us


Praying at Gethsemane…Jesus asked the Father if the price for sin could be paid in any other way. The answer was "No"...just hours later the Lamb went to the...

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Another Painful POTUS Presser

“You lie!”…Rep. Joe Wilson shouted during the 2009 State of the Union speech. An apology followed, but his assessment has been proven to be accurate, and contagious.


Ticket to Heaven

This week billionaire Michael Bloomberg secured his ticket to Heaven. The former New York City Mayor declared that upon...

The Blood Moon

Blood Moon: The Beginning of the End Times?

First of all, allow me to say that we have been living in the end times ever since Jesus...

Obama Putin

Russians May Have 50,000 Troops to Invade Ukraine, While Americans Believe Obama is Weak

The Russians are now believed to have 50,000 troops to possibly invade eastern Ukraine. The United States government believes that the thousands of Russian soldiers along the border is an attempt to intimidate the Ukrainian government after Russia seized the Crimean peninsula. 10,000 out of the 50,000 Russian troops...


Cumming’s Chummings

For decades my dad fished off the South Florida coast. One of Dad’s secrets to success was his chum...

Pretzel Logic-2

Pretzel Logic

Strategically twisted…vintage Steely Dan’s nonsense-filled album or Mozilla’s explanation for their recent intolerant-tolerance?


Developing: Mickey Rooney Dies at 93

Legendary actor Mickey Rooney died today at 93. Rooney has not been doing well physically for some time.


Kansas legislators pass bill to void gun laws

In a huge victory for the 2nd amendment, Kansas is now in the spotlight for voiding gun controls laws...

Patriots for Freedom

BREITBARTED: Tea Party Activist Claims Charged Thousands To Cover Event

Former Breitbart Columnist Lee Stranahan revealed a claim that, previously owned by the late Andrew Breitbart, is now...

Fort Hood

Army Unarmed

I went to the store this morning, armed, with my grocery list and a fully loaded concealed 9MM pistol. I try to never leave home without it. Why?...because I can!


Breaking News: Shooting With Casualties Reported at Ft. Hood

It has been confirmed that there has been another shooting at Fort Hood Army Base, in Texas.

Leather Sofa

Buyer Beware

It sounded too good to be true...and indeed it was. I asked if there were any scratches or...

Hobby Lobby

Obama’s First Amendment Fight

Our current Federal government claims to have the right to force Americans to violate their religious convictions. What happened to the Constitution’s guarantee of Religious Freedom?

My Name is Earl

WV Governor Earl Ray Tomblin Votes Against Restricting Abortion

Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin (D-WV) has vetoed a bipartisan bill prohibiting abortion after 20 weeks, and has sparked...

Man Rape Joe Biden

Vice President Biden- Illegal Immigrants are “Already Americans”

Just when you thought "Stand up Chuck" Biden couldn't get any worse he did. Thursday, Joe Biden gave a...


An Apology is Not Enough – World Vision Needs to Clean House

World Vision, in one of the most abrupt turnarounds in modern history, has done a complete about-face on its embrace of sodomy-based marriage.

World Vision

Did World Vision Sell Its Soul to Obama for Filthy Lucre?

World Vision has made the tragically misguided decision to embrace sodomy. This once-evangelical organization has now abandoned any pretense...


New York Times Wants Supreme Court to Impose Its Religious Views on Hobby Lobby

The New York Times blithely and blindly contradicts itself in its column arguing for a flatly immoral and unconstitutional...


Romney Rules Out Running For President in 2016

Former presidential Republican candidate Mitt Romney said he essentially said that he will not make another run for the Presidency on CBS's Face the Nation Sunday.


Newt: Obamacare by Any Other Name Still Stinks

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and other Democrats can call Obamacare by it's official term, "The Affordable Care...


Pastor of Westboro Baptist church has died

You May know of the infamous Westboro Baptist church. Known for taking stance on Homosexuality that many would consider...

Social Issues-3

Valuing Social Issues

Do today’s conservatives value the “social issues?”…or are they strategically silenced for political purposes?


Ted Cruz- “I Love Rand Paul”

Anyone insisting that there is a big fight between Paul and Cruz is wrong. The Texas Senator had something...


Rand Paul is Not the Guy for 2016 but Ted Cruz Might Be

Rand Paul is an appealing candidate to many conservatives. But he has a fatal libertarian streak on social issues...

Republican Convention

Your Opinion Counts

This morning I received mail from Reince Priebus. The envelope was official looking, so I opened it right away. Inside was my very own personal 2014 Republican Platform Survey.

Rand Paul

Rand Paul: Republicans Need To Soften on Social Issues

Possible Presidential Candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is telling Republicans to abandon their social conservative beliefs. He believe that...

trust word in letterpress type


For those whose instincts are usually reliable…it is a rare occurrence to be fooled. But once trust is lost,...

B-Ball(credit DM Reg)

Energizing Opposition

Two seasons ago I coached a basketball Team that was among the least expected in the League to finish at the top. We had just 8 players, one was young and uncoordinated,


Opportune Problem

Adversity may not seem to have a positive side…but it paves the road to true strength. Trouble demands hard...

Amash Add


Brian Ellis is running for Justin Amash's House seat in Michigan. Both Republicans are endorsing adds described as "sickening."


Republican Underdog Defeats Renown Democrat in Congressional Race

If you were waiting for November to see the Republican Revolution, you got a early birthday wish. David Jolly the Republican underdog running for CD-13 seat won over the well renown Alex Sink.

Teen Hunting

Pew Study: Majority of Young Americans Oppose Gun Control

A new Pew Study reveals that the majority of Millennials (born 1981-1996) oppose gun control, and was conducted from...


Joe Manchin Backs West Virginia Anti-Abortion Bill

Despite voting against repealing the pro-abortion Universal Healthcare Law, West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin (WV-D) has announced his advocacy...